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The WorldAgInfo Project hosted two workshops, one in Ithaca, New York (USA), and the other in Livingstone, Zambia. They brought together agricultural scholars and practitioners with information/educational technology experts to explore new frontiers in agricultural education and extension.

The focus of these workshops was on smallholders - rethinking systems of training, access to information, and knowledge sharing to facilitate improved decision-making among small-scale farmers in South Asia and Africa. Within this context, participants examined knowledge, education, and information needs all along the education/information chain, including policy-makers, faculty, students, extension workers, private input suppliers, large and small producers. In particular, participants were asked to explore the potential for new technologies to democratize agricultural education and information systems in Africa and Asia, giving "voice" and access to smallholders. Advances in information and communication technology in developed countries have created new participatory models of knowledge sharing and content generation in educational systems. These workshops encouraged consideration of the impact and feasibility of similar models, adapted to the institutional and social contexts of agriculture in Africa and Asia.

The materials provided here represent a portion of the outputs from those workshops. Additional materials and an archive of the project web site can be found on the Internet Archive here.


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