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Tapes, Tripods and Transits
Wilder, Kevin J. (2012-08)
It’s a manure party!
Workman, Kirsten; Darby, Heather; Erb, Kevin (Progressive Dairy, 2023-11)
The North American Manure Expo (NAME) is coming to New York in 2024! This international event started in 2001 as a first-of-its-kind event to highlight “professionalism in nutrient management.” The Expo combines three attractions into one big event – manure technology and equipment demonstrations, a manure-focused industry trade show, and educational events and tours that include continuing education credits.
Manure storage impermeable cover and flare systems – Potential climate benefits and considerations
Oliver, Jason; Ray, Lauren (Progressive Dairy, 2023-11)
Cover and flare systems are suitable for dairy farms of all herd sizes and can help mitigate methane and other emissions while improving climate resiliency. Impermeable covers are gas-tight plastic membranes installed over the surface of a suitable manure storage structure to capture emissions and exclude rainwater. Biogas collected from under the cover can be combusted in a flare to reduce the potent greenhouse gas, methane, and to lessen potent carbon dioxide. Rainwater can be temporarily stored on the cover and used on-farm or pumped into an appropriate vegetated area.
Manure application strategies for efficiency and environmental benefit
Workman, Kirsten (Progressive Dairy, 2023-11)
Dairy producers have a valuable resource in the form of manure to provide home-grown nutrients for sustainable crop production and organic matter back to their soil. However, managing that manure responsibly comes at the cost of cash, labor, and environmental challenges. Manure equipment manufacturers, custom applicators, and dairy farmers have embraced innovation and technology to get the job done well, but will need to continue to evolve to meet the challenges of dairy farming in the Northeast in 2023 and beyond.