WorldAgInfo Workshop 2: Delivery Systems

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The purpose of this second workshop was to identify possible transformative approaches, both technological and non-technological, to the creation and distribution of agricultural information identified by the first session. We will also consider barriers and impediments to widespread adoption of these approaches. Mass collaboration changes the metrics of almost all information delivery. New definitions of credibility, importance, and utility are necessary. We intend to explore delivery options including: cell phones, smart phones and PDA's, personal computers, E-book devices, portable audio/video devices (MP3 devices, TV and radio broadcast transmission), and print (i.e. the ability to create a book from online articles).

The 40 participants included program evaluation specialists, communication specialists, instructional design specialists, representatives of NGOs working at grassroots level, entrepreneurs, representatives of volunteer organizations, wiki specialists, instructional technology specialists from India and Africa, collaborative web site developers, organizational specialists, and agriculture content specialists. Also attending were individuals that specialize in technology for information dissemination specifically adapted for developing countries and rural populations.

The materials provided here represent a portion of the outputs from that workshops. Additional materials including presentations and an archive of the project web site can be found on the Internet Archive here.


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