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The Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures creates videos from individual interviews, panels, and events on a variety of topics related to the integration of hospitality, health, and design.


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    Jamie Huffcut on Complexities of the Hospital Design Process
    Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (2017-02-16)
    The Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures conducted an in-depth interview with Jamie Huffcut, Health & Wellness Practice Leader at Gensler, after she participated in the panel, "The Transdisciplinary Future of Design—Opportunities for Health and Wellness Industries," on Nov. 2, 2016
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    Panel: Entrepreneurs and Innovators in Health, Hospitality and Design
    Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (2017-05-31)
    Hospitality, healthcare and design areas are beginning to intersect more frequently, providing collaborative business opportunities for entrepreneurs. This panel provides the audience with perspectives on some of the many areas where this is occurring, drawing on the panelists unique perspectives, and commenting on the importance of these fields working together, future opportunities and on how clients/partners have successfully applied them in their organizations. Moderated by: Rohit Verma, Executive Director, CIHF; Brooke Hollis MBA '78, Associate Director, CIHF. Panelists: Rosalyn Cama, President & Founding Partner, CAMA; Michelle Punj '06, MMH '09, Director of Operations, Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village; Alexis Strong MMH '08, Director of Service Implementation & Operations, Docent Health. Sponsored by Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (CIHF) as part of the Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration, April 28, 2017.
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    Entrepreneurs and Innovators in Hospitality and Health
    Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (2017-02-28)
    Three leading industry executives share their experiences about innovation in hospitality, health, and design-related industries: Karen Heidelberger SHA '94, partner, Deerfield Management Company LP; Meredith Johnson SHA '92, managing director, Boomerang Health powered by SickKids; and John Rudd, CEO, Cayuga Health System and partner in Island Health/Cayuga Wellness Center. Moderated by Rohit Verma and Mardelle Shepley, April 15, as part of the Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration 2016.
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    The Future of the Healthcare and Senior Living Industries: A Conversation with Alice Katz
    Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (2017-06-20)
    Alice Katz, MBA ’76, president of The Vinca Group L.L.C., discusses the future of the healthcare and senior living industries. She also addresses current challenges such as transparency and retaining staff along with her vision for improved care.
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    Business Analytics to Improve Nursing Home Staffing and Consistency of Care: A Conversation with Vince Slaugh
    Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (2017-06-20)
    Vince Slaugh, assistant professor of operations management at the School of Hotel Administration, explains how consistency of care can benefit nursing home managers, nursing home residents, and make it a better experience for staff. Slaugh discusses the challenges of staffing and organizing a large nursing staff, and how developing a mathematical model to optimize nursing home staffing levels will improve quality of care.
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    Zita Rosenthal: The Impact of Hospital Design on Patient Experience and Wellbeing
    Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (2017-07-06)
    Zita Rosenthal, '57, discusses her experience as a trustee of Montefiore Hospital and the challenge of maximizing patient care while controlling costs. Montefiore is a community-based hospital in the Bronx that serves large immigrant and Spanish speaking populations. She points out the impact of hospital design on patient experience and wellbeing.
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    Strategy for Integrating Wellness, Hospitality and Sustainability: A Conversation with Amber Marie Beard
    Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (2017-07-06)
    Amber Marie Beard, vice president of sustainability for Six Senses Hotels, Resorts and Spas, explains her role encouraging sustainability at Six Senses in a manner that is beneficial to profits, the planet, and people. Six Senses Hotels are working to integrate wellness and design in order to improve the health of guests and employees. Amber discusses her vision for collaborations in wellness and hospitality between Six Senses and Cornell University.
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    How Do We Meet Future Challenges in Senior Housing and Health Care?
    Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (2016-08-31)
    Senior-level executives, educators and leaders in senior housing and care discuss future challenges and opportunities. Speakers: Robert G. Kramer, CEO, National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care; Carol Cummings, senior director of Optimum Life Engagement, Brookdale Senior Living; John Rijos '75, co-founder and operating partner, Chicago Pacific Partners; John DeHart '96, co-founder and chairperson, Nurse Next Door; Melissa Ceriale, trustee, Montefiore Medicine; Esther Greenhouse, environmental gerontologist, Esther Greenhouse LLC; Patricia Will, founder and CEO, Belmont Village Senior Living; David Schless, president, American Seniors Housing Association; Jamie Huffcutt, health and wellness workplace strategist; Lynne Katzmann, president and CEO, Juniper Communities; and Cate O'Brien, director of research, Mather LifeWays.
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    Changing the Culture of Health Care: A Conversation with Todd Evans
    Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (2017-07-07)
    Todd Evans, director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, addresses the need for changing the culture of healthcare by drawing from the strengths of the hospitality industry and making people feel like they are guests in the healthcare system.
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    Beyond Return on Investment: Tracking Return on Community and Wellness
    Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (2016-12-14)
    Maggie Hsu, chief of staff to the CEO of, discusses the company's commitment to health and wellness programs at its new headquarters in Las Vegas during her keynote presentation October 10th at the Cornell Symposium for Hospitality, Health, & Design.