Manure Application Cost Study New York State Spring 2012

dc.contributor.authorHowland, Betsey
dc.contributor.authorKarszes, Jason
dc.descriptionIdentify costs associated with using tankers to transport and apply liquid manure to farms.en_US
dc.descriptionContent file updated by author on 13 January 2015.
dc.description.abstractThe collection, storage, and application of liquid manure are important activities taking place on farms every year. These activities require ever increasing levels of investment and management. Increasing farm size, bedding availability, environmental regulations, and nutrient management plans have led more farms to utilize liquid manure systems. The manner in which these activities are structured and managed can impact the profitability of the dairy farm through many different avenues. One important aspect of the manure management system is the cost to apply manure. The purpose of this study is to identify the costs associated with using tankers to transport and apply liquid manure, while developing a template that can be used to collect, summarize, and analyze costs for any manure application system. By knowing the costs associated with application of liquid manure through transporting and spreading with tankers, one can better understand the impact that the total manure system has on the farm.en_US
dc.identifier.otherEB 2014-12
dc.subjectmanure applicationen_US
dc.subjectcost analysisen_US
dc.subjectliquid manureen_US
dc.titleManure Application Cost Study New York State Spring 2012en_US


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