Water quality data for southern tributaries to Cayuga Lake (Tompkins County, NY): 1987-1989

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dc.description.abstractIn the period 1987 to 1989 a stream water sampling and analysis program for the southern Cayuga Lake basin was carried out as a part of the continuing analysis of central NY water quality (Manuscripts and Water Quality Data for Watersheds and Lakes in Central NY, 1972-2003, online:; Water quality data for Fall Creek (Tompkins County, NY) sampling sites: 1972-1995, online:; Water quality data for well, stream, and seep samples from the Harford Teaching and Research Farm (Cortland County, NY): 1974-1994, online:; Water quality data for Kashong Creek Watershed (Ontario County and Yates County, NY) sampling sites: 1977-1979, online: The samples were analyzed for suspended solids, NO3-N, and total dissolved phosphorus. The streams sampled were Fall Creek, Six Mile Creek, Cascadilla Creek and Inlet. Samples included all seasons and all flow regimes. On average, the NO3-N concentration in Fall Creek was 1.26 ppm, about twice that in the other streams. In the period 1972-1975, average NO3-N concentration was 0.97. The suspended solids in Six Mile Creek at Burns Road was higher than that in the other streams but at a location near its confluence with the lake (after passing though 2 impoundments), the concentration was comparable. Total dissolved P was lowest for inlet. In other locations (Six Mile Creek and Cascadilla) the TDP tended to increase after passage though City of Ithaca. A comparison of the suspended solids load in Fall Creek, 1973-1974 with 1987-1989 showed no important difference.en_US
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dc.subjectstream flowen_US
dc.subjectwater pollutionen_US
dc.subjectwater qualityen_US
dc.subjectsediment pollutionen_US
dc.subjectsurface water chemistryen_US
dc.subjectnitrogen compoundsen_US
dc.subjectphosphorus compoundsen_US
dc.subjectsuspended sedimentsen_US
dc.titleWater quality data for southern tributaries to Cayuga Lake (Tompkins County, NY): 1987-1989en_US


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