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This is Volume8 (2006) of the International Commission of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR, Commission Internationale du Genie Rural) E-Journal: Peer Reviewed Original Research Articles:
1.) P. Tassinari and D. Torreggiani. (BC 05 009 Tassinari final 27Dec2005.pdf) Visual Impact Assessment Methodologies for Rural Building Design. Manuscript BC 05 009. Vol. VIII. January, 2006. 2.) S. Das and V. Tewari. (FP 05 010 Das final 1Jan2006.pdf) Mechanization of Tea Leaf Handling in Trough Withering System. Manuscript FP 05 010. Vol. VIII. January, 2006. 3.) S. Das. (FP 05 012 Das final 1Jan2006.pdf) Further Increasing the Capacity of Tea Leaf Withering Troughs. Manuscript FP 05 012. Vol. VIII. January, 2006. 4.) N. Cao Don, N. Thi Minh Hang, H. Araki, H. Yamanishi, and K. Koga. (LW 05 003 Don final 14Dec2005.pdf) Effect of Groundwater Pumping on Saltwater Intrusion in a Coastal Plain. Manuscript LW 05 003. Vol. VIII. January, 2006. 5.) M. Heinloo and J. Olt. (PM 05 008 Heinloo final 17June2006.pdf) A Method of Virtual Reality for Creating a Disk-Ridging Tool. Manuscript PM 05 008.Vol. VIII. January, 2006. 6.) Harmanto, H. Tantau, and V. Salokhe. (BC 05 017 Tantau final 19Jan2006.pdf) Influence of Insect Screens with Different Mesh Sizes on Ventilation Rate and Microclimate of Greenhouses in the Humid tropics. Manuscript BC 05 017. Vol. VIII. January, 2006. 7.) B. Alabadan, C. Njoko and M. Yusuf. (BC 05 012 Alabadan final 1Feb2006.pdf) The Potentials of Groundnut Shell Ash as Concrete Admixture. Manuscript BC 05 012. Vol. VIII. February, 2006. 8.) B. Alabadan. (BC 05 013 Alabadan final 1Feb2006.pdf) Evaluation of Wooden Silo during Storage of Maize (Zea mays) in Humid Tropical Climate. Manuscript BC 05 013. Vol. VIII. February, 2006. 9.) M. Jakob and M. Geyer. (MES 05 005 Jakob final 13Feb2006.pdf) The Influence of Machine Speed on Human Work Performance for Simple and Highly Repetitive Work Processes: A pilot study. Manuscript MES 05 005. Vol. VIII. February, 2006. 10.) E. Admassu Shimelis, M. Meaza, and S. Rakshit. (FP 05 015 Admassu final 24Feb2006.pdf) Physico-chemical Properties, Pasting Behavior and Functional Characteristics of Flours and Starches from Improved Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Varieties Grown in East Africa. Manuscript FP 05 015. Vol. VIII. February, 2006. 11.) V. Chaudhary, S. Sharma, D. Pandey, and B. Gangwar. (EE 05 008 Chaudhary final 21Feb2006.pdf) Energy Assessment of Different Weed Management Practices for Rice-Wheat Cropping System in India. Manuscript EE 05 008. Vol.VIII. February, 2006. 12.) C. Terzoudi, J. Mitsios, D. Pateras, and T. Gemtos. (LW 05 006 Terzudi final 31Jan2006.pdf) Interrill Soil Erosion as Affected by Tillage Methods under Cotton in Greece. Manuscript LW 05 006. Vol. VIII. February, 2006. 13.) M. Fadel, L. Kurmestegy, M. Rashed, and Z. Rashed. (FP 05 005 Fadel final 26Dec2005.pdf) Fruit Color Properties of Different Cultivars of Dates (Phoenix dactylifera, L.). Manuscript FP 05 005. Vol. VIII. March, 2006. 14.) H. Haapala, L. Pesonen, and P. Nurkka. (MES 05 001 Haapala final 13March2006.pdf) Usability as a Challenge in Precision Agriculture - Case Study: an ISOBUS VT. Manuscript MES 05 001. Vol. VIII. March, 2006. 15.) A. Bamgboye and S. Jekayinfa. (EE 05 013 Bamgboye final 28Feb2006.pdf) Energy Consumption Pattern in Palm Kernel Oil Processing Operations. Manuscript EE 05 013. Vol. VIII. March, 2006. 16.) J. Adinarayana, M. Laurenson, and S. Ninomiya. (IT 05 005 Adinarayana final 5March2006.pdf) Web-based Decision Support System for Rural Land Use Planning-WebLUP-a Prototype. Manuscript IT 05 005. Vol. VIII. March, 2006. 17.) M. Khoshtaghaza and R. Mehdizadeh. (FP 05 007 Khoshtaghazga final 5March2006.pdf) Aerodynamic Properties of Wheat Kernel and Straw Materials. Manuscript FP 05 007. Vol. VIII. March, 2006. 18.) M. Perissinotto, D. Moura, S. Matarazzo, A. Mendes, and I. Naas. (BC 05 016 Mendes final 8March2006.pdf) Behavior of Dairy Cows Housed in Environmentally Controlled Freestall. Manuscript BC 05 016. Vol. VIII. March, 2006. 19.) N. Kumari, G. Tiwari, and M. Sodha. (EE 05 014 Tiwari final 9March2006.pdf) Periodic Analysis of Solarium-cum-Greenhouse. Manuscript EE 05 014. Vol. VIII. March, 2006. 20.) H. Igbadun, H. Mahoo, A. Tarimo, and B. Salim. (LW 05 008 Igbadun final 22March2006.pdf) Performance of Two Temperature-Based Reference Evapotranspiration Models in the Mkoji Sub-Catchment in Tanzania. Manuscript LW 05 008. Vol. VIII. March, 2006. 21.) P. Tassinari. (MES 05 006 Tassinari final 22March2006.pdf) A Methodological Contribution to Landscape Design and Development. Manuscript MES 05 006. Vol. VIII. March, 2006. 22.) E. Beshada, M. Bux, and T. Waldenmaier. (FP 06 002 Bux final 22March2006.pdf) Design and Optimization of a Photovoltaic Powered Grain Mill. Manuscript EE 06 002. Vol. VIII. April, 2006. 23.) W. Reimann. (FP 06 003 Reimann final 22March2006.pdf) Downstreaming of Lactic Acid from Hydrolysate of Rye after Fermentation. Manuscript FP 06 003. Vol. VIII. April, 2006. 24.) S. Jekayinfa. (EE 06 001 Jekayinfa final corrected 10May2006.pdf) Energy Consumption Pattern of Selected Mechanized Farms in Southwestern Nigeria. Manuscript EE 06 001. Vol. VIII. April, 2006. 25.) D. Bera, D. Lahiri, A. Leonardis, K. De, and A. Nag. (FP 06 005 Nag final 23March2006.pdf) A Novel Azeotropic Mixture for Solvent Extraction of Edible Oils. Manuscript FP 06 005. Vol. VIII. April, 2006 26.) X. Lei, N. Sugiura, and T. Maekawa. (LW 05 009 Maekawa final 8April2006.pdf) The Effect of Operating Method and Configuration of Soil Trench System on NH3-N and NO3-N Nitrogen Removal: Computer Simulation Results. Manuscript LW 05 009. Vol. VIII. April, 2006. 27.) N. Tadesse. (LW 05 010 Tadasse final 16April2006.pdf) Surface Waters Potential of the Hantebet Basin, Tigray, Norhtern Ethiopia. Manuscript LW 05 010. Vol. VIII. April, 2006. 28.) S. Hess. (MES 05 003 Hess final 29April2006.pdf) The Demand for Seasonal Farm Labor from Central- and Eastern European Countries in German Agriculture. Manuscript MES 05 003. Vol. VIII. April, 2006. 29.) A. Jain. (EE 05 012 Jain final 10May2006.pdf) Design Parameters for a Rice Husk Throatless Gasifier Reactor. Manuscript EE 05 012. Vol. VIII. May, 2006. 30.) G. Tiwari, B. Sarkar, and L. Ghosh. (FP 05 019 Tiwari final 10May2006.pdf) Observation of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) Fry-Fingerlings Rearing in a Greenhouse during Winter Period. Manuscript FP 05 019. Vol. VIII. May, 2006. 31.) H. Chepete and R. Tsheko. (BC 06 001 Chepete final 17June2006.pdf) Hot and Cold Weather Heat Load Dynamics of Uninsulated Broiler House in Botswana. Manuscript BC 06 001. Vol. VIII. May, 2006. 32.) G. Pacucci, C. Troccoli, and B. Leoni. (LW 04 005 Pacucci final 25May2006.pdf) Effect of Supplementary Irrigation on Yield of Chickpea Genotypes in a Mediterranean Climate. Manuscript LW 04 005. Vol. VIII. May, 2006. 33.) J. Liu and R. L. Kushwaha. (PM 06 008 Kushwaha final 30May2006.pdf) Modeling of Soil Profile Produced by a Single Sweep Tool. Manuscript PM 06 008. Vol. VIII. May, 2006. 34.) S. Jekayinfa. (FP 06 010 Jekayinfa final 17June2006.pdf) Effect of Airflow Rate, Moisture Content and Pressure Drop on the Airflow Resistance of Locust Bean Seed. Manuscript BC 04 008. Vol. VIII. May, 2006. 35.) E. Lucas, A. Olorunnisola, and N. Adewole. (BC 05 010 Olorunnisola final 17June2006.pdf) Preliminary Evaluation of Guava (Psidium guajava L.) Tree Branches for Truss Fabrication in Nigeria. Manuscript BC 05 010. Vol. VIII. May, 2006. 36.) Y. Makino, M. Kawahashi, S. Kuroki, T. Shinmura, Y. Kawagoe, and S. Oshita. (FP 05 018 Makino final 17June2006.pdf) Respiratory Depression of Shredded Cabbage Using Xenon at Atmospheric Pressure. Manuscript BC 05 018. Vol. VIII. June, 2006. 37.) X. Lei, S. Shimada, K. Intabon, and T. Maekawa. (EE 06 002 Lei-Maekawa final 9June2006.pdf) Pretreatment of Methane Fermentation Effluent by Physico-chemical Processes before applied to Soil Trench System. Manuscript EE 06 002. Vol. VIII. June, 2006. 38.) M. Diamantopoulou. (IT 06 002 Diamantopoulou final 4July2006.pdf) Tree-Bole Volume Estimation on Standing Pine Trees Using Cascade Correlation Artificial Neural Network Models. Manuscript IT 06 008. Vol. VIII. June, 2006. 39.) V. Chaudhary, B. Gangwar, and D. Pandey. (EE 05 001 Chaudhary final 28June2006.pdf) Auditing of Energy Use of Different Cropping Systems in India. Manuscript EE 05 001. Vol. VIII. June, 2006. 40.) R. Tangwongkit, V. Salokhe, and H. Jayasuriya. (PM 06 009 Salokhe final 21June2006.pdf) Development of a Real-time, Variable Rate Herbicide Applicator Using Machine Vision for Between-row Weeding of Sugarcane Fields. Manuscript PM 06 009. Vol. VIII. June, 2006. 41.) P. Soni and V. Salokhe. (PM 06 010 Salokhe final 26June2006.pdf) Theoretical Analysis of Microscopic Forces at Soil-tool Interface: A Review. Manuscript PM 06 010. Vol. VIII. June, 2006. 42.) T. Bhattacharya, R. Chandra, and T. Mishra. (EE 04 002 Bhattacharya final 21June2006.pdf) Performance Characteristics of a Stationary Constant Speed Compression Ignition Engine on Alcohol-Diesel Microemulsions. Manuscript EE 04 002. Vol. VIII. June, 2006. 43.) W. Graham, I. Pishiria, and O. Ojo. (LW 06 002 Ojo final 2Aug2006.pdf) Monitoring of Groundwater Quality for Small-scale Irrigation: Case Studies in the Southwest Sokoto-Rima Basin, Nigeria. Manuscript LW 06 002. Vol. VIII. June, 2006. 44.) T. Olayanju, R. Akinoso, and M. Oresanya. (FP 06 008 Olayanju final 7July2006.pdf) Effect of Wormshaft Speed, Moisture Content and Variety on Oil Recovery from Expelled Beniseed. Manuscript FP 06 008. Vol. VIII. July, 2006. 45.) A. Bamgboye and A. Mofolasayo. (PM 06 002 Bamgboye final 6July2006.pdf) Performance Evaluation of a Two-Row Okra Planter. Manuscript PM 06 002. Vol. VIII. July, 2006. 46.) G. Munoz-Hernandez, J. Dominguez-Dominguez, and O. Alvarado-Mancilla. (PM 06 015 Alvarado final 2Aug2006.pdf) An Easy Laboratory Method for Optimizing the Parameters for the Mechanical Densification Process: An Evaluation with an Extruder. Manuscript PM 06 015. Vol. VIII. July, 2006. 47.) B. Adewumi, A. Ogunlowo, and C. Ademosun. (FP 06 007 Adewumi final parts 1and 2 combined 20July2006.pdf) Investigating Particle Trajectory as a Parameter for Selecting the Dimensions of a Cross Flow Grain Classifier. Manuscript FP 06 007. Vol. VIII. July, 2006. 48.) K. Simonyan, Y. Yiljep, and O. Mudiare. (PM 06 012 Simonyan final 7Aug2006.pdf) Modeling the Grain Cleaning Process of a Stationary Sorghum Thresher. Manuscript PM 06 012. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 49.) G. Gustafsson and E. von Wachenfelt. (BC 05 018 Gustafsson near final 14Aug2006.pdf) Airborne Dust Control Measures for Measures against Airborne Dust in a Floor Housing System for Laying Hens. Manuscript BC 05 018. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 50.) A. Tortora, R. Capobianco, and P. Picuno. (BC 06 003 Picuno final 8Aug2006.pdf) Historical Cartography and GIS for the Analysis of Carbon Balance in Rural Environment: a Study Case in Southern Italy. Manuscript BC 06 003. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 51.) R. Medjo, M. Mpele, M. Doumtsop, L. Minsili, and A. Wouatong. (BC 06 007 Medjo final 11Aug2006.pdf) Some Hydraulic, Mechanical, and Physical Characteristics of Three Types of Compressed Earth Blocks. Manuscript BC 06 007. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 52.) M. Abubakar and B. Umar. (EE 06 004 Abubakar final 11Aug2006.pdf) Comparison of Energy Use Patterns in Maiduguri and Yobe Flour Mills, Nigeria. Manuscript EE 06 004. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 53.) S. Oloko and L. Agbetoye. (PM 06 018 Agbetoye final 13Aug2006.pdf) Development and Performance Evaluation of a Melon Depodding Machine. Manuscript PM 06 018. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 54.) S. Asoegwu, S. Ohanyere, O. Kanu, and C. Iwueke. (FP 05 006 Ohanyere-Asoegwa final 14Aug2006.pdf) Physical Properties of African Oil Bean Seed (Pentaclethra macrophylla). Manuscript FP 05 006. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 55.) K. Dulal, K. Takeuchi, and H. Ishidaira. (LW 06 010 Dulal final 23Aug2006.pdf) A Framework for the Analysis of Uncertainty in the Measurement of Precipitation Data: a Case Study for Nepal. Manuscript LW 06 010. Vol. VIII. September, 2006. 56.) Y. Lan, J. Benedict, D. Ring, and W. Hoffman. (IT 06 001 Lan final 7Sept2006.pdf) Economic Analysis of Insect Control Strategies Using an Integrated Crop Ecosystem Management Model. Manuscript IT 06 001. Vol. VIII. September, 2006. 57.) R. Akinoso, J. Igbeka, T. Olayanju, and L. Bankole. (FP 05 016 Akinoso final 18Oct06.pdf) Modeling of Oil Expression from Palm Kernel (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.). Manuscript FP 05 016. Vol. VIII. October, 2006. 58.) B. Adewumi, A. Ogunlowo, and O. Ademosun. (FP 06 020 Adewumi final 8Nov2006.pdf) Preliminary Investigation on the Distribution and Spread Pattern of Cowpea in a Cross Flow Grain Separator. Manuscript FP 06 020. Vol. VIII. October, 2006. 59.) B. Adewumi and A. Fatusin. (PM 06 022 Adewumi final 1Nov2006.pdf) Design, Fabrication and Testing of an Impact-Type Hand Operated Cocoa Pod Breaker. Manuscript PM 06 022. Vol. VIII. November, 2006. 60.) H. Igbadun, H. Mahoo, A. Tarimo, and B. Salim. (LW 06 007 Igbadun revised final 13Nov2006.pdf) Irrigation Scheduling Scenarios Studies for a Maize Crop in Tanzania Using a Computer-based Simulation Model. Manuscript LW 06 007. Vol. VIII. November, 2006. 61.) G. ElMasry, E. Molto, J. Blasco, and A. ElSayed. (FP 05 013 ElMasry final 15Nov2006.pdf) Influence of Hot Water Treatment on Some Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Potato. Manuscript FP 05 013. Vol. VIII. November, 2006. 62.) A. Chamsing, V. Salokhe, and G. Singh. (EE 06 013 Salokhe final 6Nov2006.pdf) Energy Consumption Analysis for Selected Crops in Different Regions of Thailand. Manuscript EE 06 013. Vol. VIII. November, 2006. 63.) G. Tiwari, T. Das, and B. Sarkar. (FP 06 016 Sarkar-Tiwari corrected final 22Jan07.pdf) Experimental Study of Greenhouse Prawn Drying under Natural Convection. Manuscript FP 06 016. Vol. VIII. December, 2006. 64.) R. Akinoso, J. Igbeka, and T. Olayanju. (FP 06 011 Akinoso final 5Dec2006.pdf) Process Optimization of Oil Expression from Sesame Seed (Sesamum indicum Linn.). Manuscript FP 06 011. December, 2006. 65.) M. Baloch, T. Morimoto, and K. Hatou. (FP 06 018 Baloch final 7Dec2006.pdf) Postharvest Heat Stress Application to Reduce Water loss in Tomato During Storage. Manuscript FP 06 018. December, 2006. 66.) D. Nuyttens, K. Baetens, M. De Schampheleire, and B. Sonck. (PM 06 024 Nuyttens final 27Nov2006.pdf) PDPA Laser-Based Characterization of Agricultural Spray Nozzles. Manuscript PM 06 024. Vol. VIII. December, 2006. 67.) M. Muuripeal and E. Nugis. (LW 06 004 Nugis final 27Dec2006.pdf) Quick Method for Determination of Random Distributions Parameters. Manuscript LW 06 004. Vol. VIII. December, 2006. 68.) G. Mari, J. Changying, Z. Jun, and F. Bukhari. (PM 06 026 Mari Final 17Jan2007.pdf) Effect of Tillage Machinery Traffic on Soil Properties, Corn Root Development and Plant Growth. Manuscript PM 06 026. Vol. VIII. December, 2006. .... Invited Overview Articles: 1.) B. Setiawan, A. Tambunan, W. Hermawan, Desrial, and Gardjito. (Invited Overview Setiawan revised Indonesia 21Oct2005.pdf) Agricultural Engineering Education in Indonesia. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. January, 2006. 2.) B. Sivaraman, T. Burks, and J. Schueller. (Invited Overview Sivaraman 29Dec2005.pdf) Using Modern Robot Synthesis and Analysis Tools for the Design of Agricultural Manipulators. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. January, 2006. 3.) S. Irtwange. (Invited overview Irtwange(1) 27Feb2006.pdf) Application of Biological Control Agents in Pre- and Postharvest Operations. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. February, 2006. 4.) S. Irtwange. (Invited overview Irtwange(2) 27Feb2006.pdf) Application of Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Related Technology in Postharvest Handling of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. February, 2006. 5.) S. Irtwange. (Invited overview Irtwange(3) 27Feb2006.pdf) Hot Water treatment: A Non-Chemical Alternative in Keeping Quality During Postharvest Handling of Citrus fruits. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. February, 2006. 6.) S. Irtwange. (Invited overview Irtwange(4) 27Feb2006.pdf) Keeping Freshness in Fresh-cut Horticultural Produce. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. February, 2006. 7.) S. Irtwange. (Invited overview Irtwange(5) 27Feb2006.pdf) Maturity, Quality and Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. February, 2006. 8.) M. Plochl and M. Heiermann. (Invited Overview Plochl final 27Feb2006.pdf) Biogas Farming in Central and Northern Europe: A Strategy for Developing Countries? Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. March, 2006. 9.) I. Djekic. (Invited overview Djekic 1March2006.pdf) Approach to Life Cycle Analysis of Self-Propelled Agricultural Machines. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. March, 2006. 10.) Y. Mijinyawa and O. Kisaiku. (Invited overview Mijinyawa final 1March2006.pdf) Assessment of the Edo State of Nigeria Tractor Hiring Services. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. March, 2006. 11.) M. Eltawil, D. Samuel, and O. Singhal. (Invited Overview Eltawill 10May2006.pdf) Potato Storage Technology and Store Design Aspects. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. April, 2006. 12.) A. Failla, L. Strano, and G. Tomaselli. (Invited Overview Tomaselli final 25May2006.pdf) Innovative Building Design Criteria for the Confectionary Industry. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. May, 2006. ... The following papers and slides (No. 13-20) by Best, Riva, Heinrich, Adams, and Martensen were presented at the Club of Bologna meeting Nov 12/13, 2005. The Conclusions and Recommendations (No. 21) by Gasparetto are also presented: 13.) G. Best. (Invited Overview Bologna Best 2Aug2006.pdf) Alternative Energy Crops for Agricultural Machinery Biofuels - Focus on Biodiesel. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 14.) G. Best. (Invited Overview Bologna Best 12Nov2005 Powerpoint.pdf) Alternative Energy Crops for Agricultural Machinery Biofuels - Focus on Biodiesel. Invited Overview. PowerPoint slides. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 15.) G. Riva. (Invited Overview Bologna Riva 2Aug2006.pdf) Itilisation of Biofuels on the Farm. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 16.) G. Riva. (Invited Overview Bologna Riva 12Nov2005 Powerpoint.pdf) Itilisation of Biofuels on the Farm. Invited Overview. PowerPoint slides. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 17.) H. Heinrich. (Invited Overview Bologna Heinrich 12Nov2005 Powerpoint.pdf) Itilisation of Biofuels(especially Biodiesel) in Internal Combustion Engines. Invited Overview. PowerPoint slides. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 18.) R. Adams. (Invited Overview Bologna Adams 2Aug2006.pdf) Reasons for Steel Price Increase and the Impact on the Agricultural Machinery Industry. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 19.) R. Adams. (Invited Overview Bologna Adams 12Nov2005 Powerpoint.pdf) Reasons for Steel Price Increase and the Impact on the Agricultural Machinery Industry. Invited Overview. PowerPoint slides. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 20.) K. Martensen. (Invited Overview Bologna Martensen 12Nov2005 Powerpoint.pdf) Progress in Typical Materials for Agricultural Machinery. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 21.) E. Gasparetto. (Invited Overview Bologna Gasparetto Rec and Conc without FAO rec 2Aug2006.pdf) Club of Bologna Conclusions and Recommendations. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. August, 2006. 22.) Y. Mijinyawa, M. Mwinjilo, and P. Dlamini. (Invited Overview Mijinyawa final 18Oct06.pdf) Assessment of Crop Storage Structures in Swaziland. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. October, 2006. 23.) T. Philip and I. Itodo. (Invited Overview Philip final 17Nov2006.pdf) Acha (Digitaria spp.) a "Rediscovered" Indigenous Crop of West Africa. Invited Overview. Vol. VIII. December, 2006.

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