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This DVD was the first archival disc of material published online by the Internet-First University Press as an open access resource and contained about 6,000 pages of formatted text in portable document files, more than 11 hours of small image Quicktime video and more than 8 hours of lectures. This DVD requires a DVD-capable computer with (Quicktime Player and Acrobat Reader: both of which are available for Macintosh and Windows computers via the Internet. (Version 7 of each was used to test the disc.)

The disc contains 33 both new and reprinted books intended for the classroom or for outreach that deal with the sciences, technologies, humanities and histories : especially history related to Cornell. The working papers for a workshop on scholarly publishing are included as well as six volumes of an open access journal (CIGR).

The videos feature famous Comellians - including tributes to President Emeritus Dale Corson and the late Nobel Laureate Hans Bethe. In addition to the tribute, the Corson Symposium materials include a Gala Banquet and audio for three half days of lectures concerning the future of the research university. In addition to the tribute to Bethe, more than 4 hours and 22 minutes of lectures and conversations on topics ranging from the German Atomic Bomb Project to the early history of solid state physics. Discussants included Robert Wilson, Victor Weisskopf, Thomas Powers, Kurt Gottfried and David Mermin. Corson was named to the Cornell Center for Materials Research Hall of Fame, an event graced by the four living Presidents of Cornell University.

Other videos deal with Antigone, as part of a freshman experience, a public lecture about China by the Honorable Mark Kirk '81, the March 2005 dedication of the Life Sciences Technology Building and instructional materials on chaos by Prof. Strogatz and on the early history of artificial insemination narrated by Prof. Robert Foote.

The collection is completed by two undergraduate journals (The Visible Hand and The Quad) and the abstracts of the CALS undergraduate honors theses for three years.

NOTE: Since many of the items of this DVD are already in eCommons, the content of this DVD is NOT duplicated. Instead, links to existing items in eCommons are provided for items already in eCommons.


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    Artifical Insemination: The First Great Animal Biotechnology (1941)
    Foote, Robert H. (Internet-First University Press, 2005)
    This is a Lecture by Prof. Robert H. Foote on Artificial Insemination which was the first great Animal Biotechnology.
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    Antigone (script, video segments and commentary)
    Feldshuh, David; Booth, Dan; Rusten, Jeffrey (Internet-First University Press, 2003)
    In Fall 2003, Sophocles' Antigone was a prominent topic on the Cornell campus. Chosen for the 2003 New Student Reading Project, it was assigned reading for all incoming students over the summer. Upon their arrival on campus, it formed the basis for a shared academic experience consisting of small and large group discussions. Antigone was also the opening play in the 2003-2004 season of the Cornell Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts. David Feldshuh directed his own adaptation of the play, of which two video clips are available In addition, the entire script can be downloaded for reading on your In Fall 2003, Sophocles' Antigone was a prominent topic on the Cornell campus. Chosen for the 2003 New Student Reading Project, it was assigned reading for all incoming students over the summer. Upon their arrival on campus, it formed the basis for a shared academic experience consisting of small and large group discussions. Antigone was also the opening play in the 2003-2004 season of the Cornell Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts. David Feldshuh directed his own adaptation of the play, of which two video clips are available in the sidebar to the left. In addition, the entire script and news articles and commentaries are available.
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    Faculty Handbook 2002 Seventh Edition, Cornell University
    University Faculty, Office of the (Office of the University Faculty, 2002)
    This seventh edition of the Faculty Handbook, like its predecessors, is issued by the Office of the University Faculty and is intended primarily " provide information for the general guidance of faculty members, particularly newcomers, concerning the university, its organization, and its policies." Change is continual at Cornell. Each year, new faculty and trustee legislation is enacted; policies, procedures, and fringe benefits are modified; new facilities, centers, institutes, and programs come into being; and the administrative organization is altered. The latest version of this handbook will reside on the University Faculty website ( and policies will be updated as necessary. When circumstances require assurance of completeness or validity of information, the university office that is the authority on the particular matter should be consulted. The Cornell University Policy Office website ( should also be accessed for the current versions of all codified policies. In addition, the staff of the Office of the University Faculty will be pleased to assist faculty members. Judy Bower, who served in the Office of the University Faculty for twenty-seven years, brought her extensive knowledge of faculty governance and university policies to her role as editor of this new edition. I salute Judy for her years of distinguished service and thank her for preparing this new edition. While many persons reviewed sections of the handbook, the ultimate responsibility for accuracy rests with the Office of the University Faculty.
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    Hall of Fame Induction, Cornell Center for Materials Research
    Ashcroft, Neil W.; Corson, Dale R. (2009-07-22T19:55:47Z)
    This is a companion piece to the Book: "The Legacy of Dale R. Corson". These audio files are from Dale Corson's induction to the Hall of Fame of the Cornell Center for Materials Research from December 1999.
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    The Corson Symposium: Dale Corson: Cornell's Good Fortune (Video)
    Corson Symposium (2009-07-22T14:44:49Z)
    "Dale Corson: Cornell's Good Fortune" is a companion video to the Book, "The Legacy of Dale R. Corson". It was first presented at the Corson Symposium, December 6, 1999.
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    Hans Bethe and David Mermin Discuss the Early History of Solid State Physics
    Bethe, Hans (2005)
    Hans Bethe and David Mermin Discuss the Early History of Solid State Physics [0:31:46]. February 25, 2003. In 2003 Hans Bethe at age 96 (plus 238 days) discussed the early history of solid state physics with David Mermin, a colleague on the Physics Faculty of Cornell University.
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    A Conversation with Emeriti Professors Hans Bethe and Victor Weisskopf
    Gottfried, Kurt (2005)
    A Conversation with Emeriti Professors Hans Bethe and Victor Weisskopf [0:56:33]. In 1993 reflections are shared by two of the most prominent emigres from Europe on how they saw upstate New York when they came to the United States in the mid-thirties, just prior to World War II. Kurt Gottfried moderated.
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    A Conversation with Emeriti Professors Hans Bethe and Robert Wilson
    Bethe, Hans (2005)
    A Conversation with Emeriti Professors Hans Bethe and Robert Wilson [1:03:24]. In 1993 Hans Bethe and Robert Wilson, both of whom were participants in the Manhattan Project, continue discussion of the atomic bomb projects.
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    An Evening with Hans Bethe: The German Atomic Bomb Project
    Gottfried, Kurt; Powers, Thomas (2005)
    An Evening with Hans Bethe: The German Atomic Bomb Project [1:29:56] On November 9, 1992 Hans Bethe interpreted the transcripts made of captured German atomic scientists when they first learned that atomic bombs had been used. Thomas Powers is discussant; Kurt Gottfried is moderator.
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    CIGR E-Journal Volume 9
    Alamu, O.J.; Abdulrahim, A.; Adapa, P.K.; Adeboye, O. B.; Adegunloye, F. O.; Adejumo, A.O.D.; Adejumo, B. A.; Adekoya, L.O.; Ademosun, O.; Adetan, D.A.; Agostini, S.; Ahiduzzaman, M.; Ailavadi, R.; Akintola, T.A.; Akintunde, B.O.; Akor, A.J.; Alakali, J. S.; Alamu, O.J.; Albu, M.; Amirante, P.; Ampatzidis, Y.; Aragon Ramirez, A.; Arinze, E.A.; Arumughan, C.; Asoegwu, A.O.; Asoegwu, S.N.; Auernhammer, H.; Aviara, N.; Ayawari, D.T.; Bamgboye, A. Isaac; Bangerth, F.; Baumgartner, J.; Bechar, A.; Bekelle, E.; Bellmer, D. D.; Benni, S.; Berruto, R.; Bisogni, J.J.; Blackmore, B. S.; Bochtis, D.; Boxberger, J.; Bucklin, R. A.; Burks, T. F.; Burubai, W.; Busato, P.; Butts, C. L.; Bux, M.; Carvalho, V.; Catalano, P.; Chapagain, S. K.; Chen, P.; Chopra, S.; Cowell, P.A.; Czaczyk, Z.; Dagogo, G.; Daikoku, M.; Dalai, A.K.; Dewangan, K. N.; Dimo, H.; Dong, R.; Du Laing, G.; EL-Okene, A. M.; Ehrl, M.; Eke, C.N.U.; Eltawil, M. A.; Eshet, O.; Ewemoje, T.; Fadel, M.; Farinde, A. J.; Ferreira, L.; Fischerkeller, R.; Fountas, S.; Freimann, R.; Furll, Ch.; Gavric, M.; Gemtos, T.A.; Ghosal, M.K.; Giametta, F.; Gibbons, P.; Godwin, R.G.; Godwin, R.J.; Griepentrog, H. W.; Griepentrog, H.W.; Gupta, H.; Gupta, P.K.; Hafner, S. D.; Han, S.; Haque, A.A. M.; Haque, M.; Hardjoamidjojo, S.; Harrison, T.V.; Havn, I.; Havrankova, J.; Hegele, M.; Heinloo, M.; Hoffmann, T.; Hoffmann, W.C.; Hogan, J.A.; Hossain, M.Z.; Huhnke, R. L.; Hwang, D-K.; Ibarra, J. S.; Igbadun, H. E.; Ijabo, O.J.; Ijatuyi, O.A.; Ima, C. S.; Inooku, K.; Ito, N.; Itodo, I.; Jafari, A.; Jahromi, M. Keramat; Jain, A.; Jain, P. K.; Jatau, J. S.; Jayasuriya, H. P. W.; Jayasuriya, H. P.W.; Jayasuriya, H.P.W.; Jekayinfa, S. O.; Jekayinfa, S.; Jekayinfa, S.O.; Jensen, K.; Jensen, L.A.; Jinyama, H.; Jorgensen, R.; Jorgensen, R.N.; Kailappan, R.; Kaivosoja, J.; Kalsirisilp, R.; Karoonboonyanan, R.; Kazama, F.; Keyhani, A. R.; Kipkurui, L.; Kiryati, A.; Kitagawa, H.; Kito, K.; Kivipelto, J.; Kobayashi, K.; Kocher, M.F.; Koller, M.; Konstantinovic, M.; Korir, J. K.; Kostadinov, M.; Kumar, Rakesh; Kumari, N.; Lagat, C. K.; Lamb, M.C.; Lambic, M.; Lammers, P. Schulze; Lan, Y.; Landman, R.; Lenz, J.; Leone, A.; Li, X.; Lilly, M.T.; Lin, X.; Lin, Y.; Liu, G.; Lopes, M.; Loukanov, I. A.; Lu, Y.; Lucas, E. B.; Lungkapin, J.; Lutz, K.; Maagaard, J.; Mahoo, H. F.; Malla, R.; Maly, P.; Mann, D. D.; Mansoor, S.; Manuwa, S.; Martetschloger, R.; Martinov, M.; Massafera, V., Jr.; Michael, O. A.; Mijinyawa, Y.; Minaei, S.; Mirasheh, R.; Mirjat, M.S.; Mishra, A.; Mittal, G. S.; Miyasaka, J.; Miyazaki, M.; Mizushima, A.; Mohtasebi, S.S.; Montel, G.; Mori, K.; Mosenbacher, I.; Mostofi, M.R.; Muller, J.; Murase, H.; Murtilaksono, K.; Mutai, K. W.; Naas, I. A.; Naas, I.; Nagasaka, Y.; Nagasaki, Y.; Nakashima, H.; Nakashima, Hiroshi; Nayak, S.; Nema, P. K.; Neto, M. Mollo; Ngadi, M. O.; Nielsen, J.; Niyamapa, T.; Noerremark, M.; Noguchi, N.; Nwandikom, G.I.; O'Dogherty, M.J.; Obetta, S.E.; Ogeta, O.; Ogungbemi, O. I.; Ogunsina, B. S.; Oguntunde, P.G.; Ohanwe, C.N.; Ohdoi, K.; Oida, A.; Oittinen, J.; Ojolo, S. J.; Okemwa, P.; Oksanen, T.; Oladejo, K. A.; Olalere, R.; Olorunnisola, A.; Olufayo, A.A.; Olukunle, O.J.; Oluwole, F.; Orsat, V.; Ortiz-Laurel, H.; Ostermeier, R.; Owolarafe, O. K.; Owolarafe, O.K.; Oyelade, O.J.; Panesar, B.S.; Paolinelli, G.; Parkpian, P.; Parvathi, K.; Pathak, B. S.; Patil, K. N.; Pechon, R. R.; Pesonen, L.; Philip, T.; Piccarolo, P.; Pramudya, B.; Prastowo; Preman, P.S.; Prvulovic, S.; Pund, S.; Quendler, E.; R.N. Jorgensen, R.N.; Rafiee, S.; Raghavan, G.S.V.; Rahman, M.; Raji, A. O.; Rajkumar, P.; Rakshit, S.K.; Rataj, V.; Rathmann, S.; Rathore, N.S.; Reid, J. F.; Remesan, R.; Remya, N.; Ritterbusch, S.; Rob, A.; Rodgers, M.; Rogge, H. I.; Rohr, T.; Romheld, V.; Roopesh, M.S.; Rovira-Mas, F.; Roy, S.; Ryerson, A.E.F.; Sachs, J.; Saito, H.; Sakai, T.; Salim, B. A.; Salokhe, V. M.; Salokhe, V.M.; Samuel, D.V.K.; Samuuel, D.V.K.; Satimehin, A. A.; Satimehin, A.A.; Saunders, C.; Schick, M.; Schoenau, G.J.; Sevda, M.S.; Sharangi, S.; Sharmin, F.; Shaw, M.D.; Shearer, J. K.; Shearer, L.; Shental, O.; Shrestha, S.; Simonyan, K. J.; Singh, A.K.; Singh, K.; Singh, R. N.; Singh, S. P.; Singh, S.; Sodha, M.; Sogaard, H.T.; Sorensen, C. G.; Sorensen, C.G.; Sorensen, L.B.; Souza, S.R.L.; Spreer, W.; Srinivas, K.; Srivastava, A.; Starcevic, N.; Sule, S.; Sumikawa, O.; Sun, Y.; Sun, Z.; Swain, K.C.; Tabil, L.G.; Tadesse, N.; Tanaka, H.; Tanaka, Y.; Tang, L.; Tarimo, A.K.P.R.; Tassinari, P.; Tewari, V. K.; Thapar, V.K.; Tiwari, G.; Tiwari, G.N.; Tolmac, D.; Tooy, D.; Torreggiani, D.; Totawat, K.L.; Tripathi, N.K.; Tsatsarelis, C.; Tunde-Akintunde, T.Y.; Uziak, J.; Varnamkhasti, M. Ghasemi; Verloo, M.; Virolainen, V.; Visala, A.; Viswanathan, R.; Vitner, G.; Vougioukas, S.; Waheed, M. A.; Waheed, M.A.; Walczykova, M.; Wang, H. Q.; Watson, D.G.; Wei, J.; Wockel, S.; Wood, G.A.; Wosyanju, C.; Yadav, R.; Yanagi, T., Junior; Yiljep, Y.D.; Yisa, M. G.; Yisa, M.G.; Younse, P. J.; Yuan, J.; Zagorda, M.; Zeitzew, M.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, R.; Zhao, K.; Zheng, X.; Zhu, H. (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering, 2007-03)
    This is Volume 9 (2007) of the International Commission of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR, Commission Internationale du Genie Rural) E-Journal: Peer Reviewed Original Research Articles: 1.) T. Philip and I. Itodo. (EE 06 010 Philip corrected final 30Jan2007.pdf) Nomograph for Determining Temperatures in Anaerobic Digesters from Ambient Temperatures in the Tropics. Manuscript EE 06 010. Vol. IX. January, 2007. 2.) A. Olorunnisola. (EE 06 006 Olorunnisola final 20Feb2007.pdf) Production of Fuel Briquettes from Waste Paper and Coconut Husk Admixtures. Manuscript EE 06 006. Vol. IX. February, 2007. 3.) D. Bochtis, S. Vougioukas, C.Tsatsarelis, and Y. Ampatzidis. (PM 06 021 Dionysis final 22Feb2007.pdf) Field Operation Planning for Agricultural Vehicles: A Hierarchical Modeling Framework. Manuscript PM 06 021. Vol. IX. February, 2007. 4.) S. Manuwa and O. Ademosun. (PM 06 016 Manuwa final 28Feb2007.pdf) Draught and Soil Disturbance of Model Tillage Tines Under Varying Soil Parameters. Manuscript PM 06 016. Vol. IX. March, 2007. 5.) T. Ewemoje. (LW 06 018 Ewemoje final 12March2007.pdf) Variable Irrigation Scheduling Effects on Growth Parameters of Celosia Argentea in Humid Tropical Environment. Manuscript LW 06 018. Vol. IX. March, 2007. 6.) N. Starcevic, M. Bux, T. Rohr, K.Lutz, M. Kostadinov, S. Ritterbusch, and J. Muller. (PM 07 010 Starcevic final 27March2007.pdf) Development of a Robot for Biomass Handling in a Solar Greenhouse Dryer. Manuscript PM 07 010. Vol. IX. March, 2007. 7.) S. Mansoor and G. Tiwari. (BC 06 002 Saleh Alhawtri final 21Mar2007.pdf) Modeling and Experimental Validation of Total Solar Fraction for Even Span Greenhouses by Shadow Area Concept. Manuscript BC 06 002. Vol. IX. March, 2007. 8.) Y. Sun, Y. Lin, K. Zhao, and Y. Lu. (FP 06 006 Lin final 14Feb2007.pdf) Mathematical Modeling of Gas-solid Flow in Turbine Reactor. Manuscript FP 06 006. Vol. IX. March, 2007. 9.) P. Rajkumar, R. Kailappan, R. Viswanathan, K. Parvathi, G.S.V. Raghavan and V. Orsat. (FP 06 024 Rajkumar final 17March2007.pdf) Thin Layer Drying Study on Foamed Mango Pulp. Manuscript FP 06 024. Vol. IX. March, 2007. 10.) R. N. Singh, S. P. Singh and B. S. Pathak. (EE 06 014 Singh-Pathak final 28March2007.pdf) Performance of Renewable Fuel Based CI Engine. Manuscript EE 06 014. Vol. IX. April, 2007. 11.) K. N. Patil, R. L. Huhnke, and D. D. Bellmer. (EE 06 016 Patil final 30March2007.pdf) Influence of Internal Baffles on Mixing Characteristics of Biomass in a Fluidized Sand Bed. Manuscript EE 06 016. Vol. IX. April, 2007. 12.) D. Tooy and H. Murase. (IT 07 002 Tooy-Murase final 10April2007.pdf) Behavioral Interest Identification for Farm Mechanization Development using Path Analysis and Neuro-fuzzy Models. Manuscript IT 07 002. Vol. IX. April, 2007. 13.) F. Sharmin and M. Rahman. (FP 06 009 Sharmin final 9April2007.pdf) Isolation and Characterization of Protease producing Bacillus strain FS-1. Manuscript FP 06 009. Vol. IX. April, 2007. 14.) F. Sharmin, S.K. Rakshit, and H.P.W. Jayasuriya. (FP 06 019 Sharmin final 9April2007.pdf) Enzyme Immobilization on Glass Surface for the Development of Phosphate Detection Biosensors. Manuscript FP 06 019. Vol. IX. April, 2007. 15.) S. D. Hafner and J.J. Bisogni. (EE 06 008 Hafner final 26April2007.pdf) A Simple Method for Measurement of Inorganic Carbon Concentration and Carbonate System Alkalinity in Anaerobic Digesters. Manuscript EE 06 008. Vol. IX. April, 2007. 16.) P.K. Gupta, Rakesh Kumar, B.S. Panesar, and V.K. Thapar. (EE 06 017 Gupta final 24April2007.pdf) Parametric Studies on Bio-diesel prepared from Rice Bran Oil. Manuscript EE 06 017. Vol. IX. April, 2007. 17.) M.R. Mostofi, R.G. Godwin, M.J.O'Dogherty, and S. Minaei. (PM 06 031 Mostofi corrected final 30June2007.pdf) Investigations on Performance of a Continuous Mass Flow Rate Measurement System for Potato Harvesting. Manuscript PM 06 031. Vol. IX. May, 2007. 18.) T. Hoffmann, P. Maly and Ch. Furll. (FP 06 014 Hoffmann final 20May2007.pdf) Ventilation of Potatoes in Storage Boxes. Manuscript FP 06 014. Vol. IX. May, 2007. 19.) T. Hoffmann, P. Maly, and Ch. Furll. (FP 06 015 Hoffmann final 20May2007.pdf) Soil Spread in Potato Storage Boxes Filled on the Potato Harvester. Manuscript FP 06 015. Vol. IX. May, 2007. 20.) A. Aragon Ramirez , A. Oida, H. Nakashima, J. Miyasaka, and K. Ohdoi. (PM 07 002 Aragon final 24May2007.pdf) Mechanization Index and Machinery Energy Ratio Assessment by means of an Artificial Neural Network: a Mexican Case Study. Manuscript PM 07 002. Vol. IX. May, 2007. 21.) R. R. Pechon, N. Ito, K. Kito and H. Jinyama. (PM 07 005 Pechon final 23May2007.pdf) Effect of Hand Tractor Implements on Soil Physical Properties in Upland Conditions. Manuscript PM 07 005. Vol. IX. May, 2007. 22.) M. Konstantinovic, S. Wockel, P. Schulze Lammers, J. Sachs and M. Martinov. (IT 06 003 Lammers final 21May2007.pdf) Detection of Root Biomass using Ultra Wideband Radar - an Approach to Potato Nest Positioning. Manuscript IT 06 003. Vol. IX. May, 2007. 23.) M. A. Eltawil and D.V.K. Samuuel. (EE 06 003 Eltawil final 31May2007.pdf) Vapour Compression Cooling System Powered By Solar PV Array for Potato Storage. Manuscript EE 06 003. Vol. IX. May, 2007. 24.) N. Kumari, G. Tiwari, and M. Sodha. (EE 06 011 Tiwari final 14June2007.pdf) Performance Evaluation of Greenhouse Having Passive or Active Heating in Different Climatic Zones of India. Manuscript EE 06 011. Vol. IX. May, 2007. 25.) V. Carvalho, R. A. Bucklin, J. K. Shearer, L. Shearer, I. A. Naas, M. Mollo Neto, S.R.L. Souza, and V. Massafera Jr. (BC 06 006 Carvalho final 3June2007.pdf) Dairy Cattle Linear and Angular Kinematics during the Stance Phase. Manuscript BC 06 006. Vol. IX. June, 2007. 26.) W. Burubai, and G. Dagogo. (BC 06 008 Burubai final 7June2007.pdf) Comparative Study of Inhibitors on the Corrosion of Mild Steel Reinforcement in Concrete. Manuscript BC 06 008. Vol. IX. June, 2007. 27.) W. Burubai, A.J.Akor, M.T. Lilly, and D.T. Ayawari. (BC 06 009 Burubai final 7June2007.pdf) An Evaluation of Septic Tank Performance in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Manuscript BC 06 009. Vol. IX. June, 2007. 28.) D.A. Adetan, L.O. Adekoya and K. A. Oladejo. (PM 06 027 Adetan final 7June2007.pdf) An Improved Pole-and-Knife Method of Harvesting Oil Palms. Manuscript PM 06 027. Vol. IX. June, 2007. 29.) M. Heinloo. (IT 07 001 Heinloo final 5June2007.pdf) A Virtual Reality Technology - Based Method for the Study of the Working Process of a Blueberry Harvester's Picking Reel. Manuscript IT 07 001. Vol. IX. June, 2007. 30.) S. Jekayinfa. (EE 07 002 Jekayinfa final 12June2007.pdf) Ergonomic Evaluation and Energy Requirements of Bread-baking Operations in South Western Nigeria. Manuscript EE 07 002. Vol. IX. June, 2007. 31.) P.K. Adapa, G.J. Schoenau, L.G. Tabil, E.A. Arinze, A.K. Singh and A.K. Dalai. (FP 07 003 Adapa final 16June2007.pdf) Customized and Value-added High Quality Alfalfa Products: A New Concept. Manuscript FP 07 003. Vol. IX. June, 2007. 32.) S. J. Ojolo and B. S. Ogunsina. (PM 06 030 Ojolo final 12June2007.pdf) Development of a Cashew Nut Cracking Device. Manuscript PM 06 030. Vol. IX. June, 2007. 33.) Prastowo, S. Hardjoamidjojo, B. Pramudya, K. Murtilaksono. (LW 07 013 Prastowo final 15June2007.pdf) Performance of Shallow Groundwater Irrigation Schemes in Nganjuk-East Java, Indonesia. Manuscript LW 07 013. Vol. IX. June, 2007. 34.) J. Lungkapin, V. M. Salokhe, R. Kalsirisilp, and H. Nakashima. (PM 07 008 Salokhe final 23July2007.pdf) Development of a Stem Cutting Unit for a Cassava Planter. Manuscript PM 07 008. Vol. IX. July, 2007. 35.) O.J. Alamu, M. A. Waheed, and S. O. Jekayinfa. (EE 07 009 Alamu final 24June2007.pdf) Alkali-catalysed Laboratory Production and Testing of Biodiesel Fuel from Nigerian Palm Kernel Oil. Manuscript EE 07 009. Vol. IX. July, 2007. 36.) P. Amirante, P. Catalano, F. Giametta, A. Leone, and G. Montel. (PM 07 012 Giametta final 5July2007.pdf) Vibration Analysis of an Olive Mechanical Harvesting System. Manuscript PM 07 012. Vol. IX. July, 2007. 37.) Y. Mijinyawa, E. B. Lucas and F. O. Adegunloye. (BC 07 002 Mijinyawa final 29August2007.pdf) Termite Mound Clay as Material for Grain Silo Construction. Manuscript BC 07 002. Vol. IX. July, 2007. 38.) W. Spreer, M. Hegele, Z. Czaczyk, V. Romheld, F. Bangerth and J. Muller. (LW 07 019 Spreer final 23July2007.pdf) Water Consumption of Greenhouse Lychee Trees under Partial Rootzone Drying. Manuscript LW 07 019. Vol. IX. July, 2007. 39.) A. J. Farinde, O. K. Owolarafe, and O. I. Ogungbemi. (MES 07 002 Owolarafe final 31July2007.pdf) An Overview of Production, Processing, Marketing and Utilisation of Okra in Egbedore Local Government Area of Osun State, Nigeria. Manuscript MES 07 002. Vol. IX. July, 2007. 40.) O. B. Adeboye and O. A. Michael. (LW 07 007 Adeboye final 31July2007.pdf) Performance of Probability Distributions and Plotting Positions in Estimating the Flood of River Osun at Apoje Sub-basin, Nigeria. Manuscript LW 07 007. Vol. IX. July, 2007. 41.) H. E. Igbadun, H. F. Mahoo, A.K.P.R. Tarimo and B. A. Salim. (LW 06 015 Igbadun final 3August2007.pdf) Simulation of Moisture Dynamics of the Soil Profile of a Maize Crop under Deficit Irrigation Scheduling. LW 06 015. Vol. IX. July, 2007. 42.) N. Tadesse and E. Bekelle. (LW 06 017 Tadesse final 4August2007.pdf) The Productivity of Shallow Wells Groundwater in Agriculture and Interacting Systems: A Case Study at Debre Kidane Watershed, Eastern Tigray, Northern Ethiopia. Manuscript LW 06 017. Vol. IX. July, 2007. 43.) 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Keramat Jahromi, A. Jafari, S. Rafiee, A. R. Keyhani, R. Mirasheh and S.S. Mohtasebi. (FP 07 019 Keramat revised final 7October2007.pdf) Some Physical properties of Date Fruit (cv. Lasht). Manuscript FP 07 019. Vol. IX. August, 2007. 49.) R. Malla, Y. Tanaka, K. Mori and K.L. Totawat. (LW 07 006 Malla final 18August2007.pdf) Effect of Short-term Sewage Irrigation on Chemical Build Up in Soils and Vegetables. Manuscript LW 07 006. Vol. IX. August, 2007. 50.) V. K. Tewari, R. Ailavadi, K. N. Dewangan and S. Sharangi. (MES 05 004 Dewangan-Tewari corrected final 6Oct2007.pdf) Rationalized Database of Indian Agricultural Workers for Equipment Design. Manmuscript MES 05 004. Vol. IX. August, 2007. 51.) Y. Lan, X. Lin, M.F. Kocher, W.C. Hoffmann. (IT 06 005 Lan final 4Sept2007.pdf) Development of a PC-based Data Acquisition and Control System. Manuscript IT 06 005. Vol. IX. August, 2007. 52.) P. Tassinari, D. Torreggiani, G. Paolinelli, S. Benni. 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