A History of the Agricultural Museum at Cornell University and Its Collections

dc.contributor.authorRehkugler, Gerald E.
dc.description.abstractAt the beginning of Cornell University there was interest in acquiring collections of materials pertinent to studies at this revolutionary institution. Numerous museums were created with collections from all over the world. By 1873 an Agricultural Museum was established by the Trustees to house plow models, plant and animal engravings, veterinary teaching models, cereals collections, agricultural seeds and farm equipment models. Founder Ezra Cornell was an active participant in this venture. Here I have documented the life of the Agricultural Museum and inventoried and described the remaining artifacts. A pictorial directory gives a visual tour of the surviving items. I have researched the provenance of the remaining items to the best of my ability but I expect that there may be collectors and antiquarians who would have expert opinions about this material. Their critique and input regarding these materials would be welcome. Gerald E. Rehkugler, Professor Emeritusen_US
dc.publisherInternet-First University Pressen_US
dc.titleA History of the Agricultural Museum at Cornell University and Its Collectionsen_US


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