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    A Century of Scholarship and Service: 100 Years of Rural and Development Sociology at Cornell
    Zimmerman, Julie N. (Internet-First University Press, 2020-05-29)
    The author presents a sweeping, well-documented review of what was the first Department of Rural Sociology in the nation (now called the Department of Development Sociology). In it, the author identifies the evolving intellectual thrusts and connects these with the 63 faculty who served in the Department’s second 50 years. Augmented with a number of prior histories, this work was conducted as part of the Department’s 100th anniversary recognition. This history references more than 1,100 different books, journal articles, and other publications; more than 200 news and media articles; and it contains over 350 photos and images. As the author wrote: “May it capture the essence and some of the major changes in the Department’s lifespan, and may it chart at least some of the landscape on which its ensuing years are built.” A video record of the Development Sociology Centennial Symposium (September 2015) is available at:
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    An Incremental Directory of Contents of the Internet-First University Press
    Cooke, J. Robert; King, Kenneth M.; Walcott, Charles (Internet-First University Press, 2020)
    This a complete, clickable, full-text searchable directory of all materials available from The Internet-First University Press on eCommons@Cornell. You can download this IFUP Directory and use it to browse IFUP’s vast content. Items of particular interest can be downloaded for your personal use. A 15-page subset listing of the full Directory, General Audience Selections, has been added here.
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    The First 114 Years of the Cornell Alumni Magazine
    Marcham, John; Roberts, Jim (Internet-First University Press, 2019)
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    Founding of the Maize Genetics Cooperation News Letter at Cornell University: A 90th Anniversary Tribute
    Kass, Lee B.; Coe, Edward H. Jr.; Cook, Michael N.; Smith, Margaret E.; Singer, Judy L. (The Internet First-University Press, 2019)
    Rollins A. Emerson, second Head of Cornell’s Department of Plant Breeding, established the Maize Genetics Cooperation and the Maize Genetics Cooperation News Letter (MNL) at Cornell University. It was published at Cornell from 1929 through 1955, and continued publication at The University of Illinois, Indiana University, and The University of Missouri
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    The Rise and Fall of the Cornell Poultry Department, 1903-1991.
    Nesheim, Malden C. (The Internet-First University Press, 2018-10-10)
    This new history of a truly pioneering field at Cornell was written by an emeritus faculty member of that department who later served as Director of the Division of Nutritional Sciences and University Provost. Nesheim provides an intellectual history of a hugely successful effort at Cornell that quite literally touched the state, the nation and the world. He chronicles the creation and dissolution of an academic department. He also describes the national and international impact of this academic department in feeding the people of the world.
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    The Biometrics Unit: The First 40 Years,1948–1988
    Federer, Walter T. (Internet-First Univerity Press, 2018-10)
    Originally released in 1989, this is a detailed account of the birth of a new field by its founding faculty member at Cornell, Walter T. Federer. The Biometrics Unit was initiated in 1948 and was housed within the department of plant breeding. This subject matter now deeply influences most fields within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. In this data-rich account, Federer documents the birthing pains, the administrative issues, the faculty, the students (undergraduate and graduate), its research thrust and its broad role of statistical consultation in this emerging field. This unit also stimulated and led the early growth of computing at Cornell University, including a Computing Activities Group that was located in Warren Hall.
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    Shaping the Future
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    Stories from a Twentieth-century Life
    Sears, William Rees (1993)
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    Proceedings of the Hatch Act Centennial Symposium
    (Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station, Ithaca, NY, 1987-05-05)
    Agriculture has undergone tremendous changes during the hundred years since the Hatch Act was signed on March 2, 1887, and the New York State and Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Stations were established. A person who was present at that signing would be amazed at the agriculture and food system we have developed. American consumers on the average now spend 14.4 percent of their disposable income on food, an all-time low. Business Week, in its May 4, 1987, edition, referred to our food system as "America's supermarket miracle" and to supermarkets as "a national food exhibition." Hatch-based research involving a unique partnership of federal, state, and private cooperation has been a major contributor to this revolution.