These are recordings of Lectures in the Natural Resources Seminar 407: Religion, Ethics and the Environment from 1994, 2001 and 2003. These lectures were originally recorded on cassette tape or Sony Minidisk recorder, and then transcribed into MP3 files. Some were recorded with a lapel microphone, and others with a stereo microphone. The former provides a clearer recording. For the 1991 - 1994 lectures, roving wireless microphones were available for the students during discussions, resulting in a better recording of their comments. Some of the recordings are truncated do to equipment failure.

Volume 1 contains the most recent complete set of taped recordings (1994) and all the most recent recordings (2001, 2003). The 1994 recordings are better recordings. The 2003 recordings reflect Dr. Baer's most recent thoughts and organization.

The descriptions were written over a necessarily long time period (it takes a while to listen to c. 67 hours of lectures), so the style, level of detail, and quality of the descriptions vary.

This is also available as a CD. Please contact Rick Cochran ( for a copy.

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