Religion, Ethics and the Environment

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These are recordings of Lectures in the Natural Resources Seminar 407: Religion, Ethics and the Environment from 1994-2003.

The syllabus for this course, along with short descriptions with links to each lecture, are available at

These lectures were originally recorded on cassette tape or Sony Minidisk recorder, and then transcribed into MP3 files. Some were recorded with a lapel microphone, and others with a stereo microphone. The former provides a clearer recording. For the 1991 - 1994 lectures, roving wireless microphones were available for the students during discussions, resulting in a better recording of their comments. Some of the recordings are truncated do to equipment failure.


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The recordings of Dr. Richard Baer's lectures are Copyright (c)2004 by Dr. Richard Baer. The recordings of Dr. James Tantillo's lectures are Copyright (c)2004 by Dr. James Tantillo. The recordings of Ms. Mical Smart's lectures are Copyright (c)2004 by Ms. Mical Smart. You may copy and use this material for non-commercial, personal use only if you agree to retain all copyright notices and other identifiers of the source of this work. You may not modify any of the text or recordings for any public or commercial purposes without written permission from Dr. Richard Baer, Dr. James Tantillo or Ms. Mical Smart.