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dc.contributor.authorNyrop, J.P.
dc.contributor.authorEnglish-Loeb, G.
dc.contributor.authorWilcox, W.F.
dc.contributor.authorWise, Alice
dc.descriptionNYS IPM Type: Project Report
dc.description.abstractThe mite Typhlodromus pyri can, where it is conserved, provide complete biological control of European red mite. We released T. pyri into vineyards on Long Island in 1996 and into an additional two vineyards in 1997. Typhlodromus pyri were recovered from all four release locations. Where the predators were released in 1996, T. pyri numbers were relatively high in early summer during 1997, but then declined in number. At one of these sites T. pyri apparently provided biological control of European red mite. Where T. pyri were released in 1997, the predators were moderately abundant during the entire season. At both of these locations T. pyri provided biological of European red mite. Typhlodromus pyri were also recovered from plots where the predators were not released. This suggest that T. pyri are endemic to Long Island vineyards, but are probably not as resistant to certain pesticides as those predators from Geneva, NY.
dc.publisherNew York State Integrated Pest Management Program
dc.subjectAgricultural IPM
dc.titleBiological Control of Spider Mites in Long Island Vineyards

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