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dc.contributor.authorBenit-Gbaffou, Claire
dc.contributor.authorSeedat, Rashid
dc.description.abstractOngoing project engages top and middle level city officials who had entered city gov ernment intent on reform following the end of Apartheid in the 1990s. Purpose is to capture reflections on: - The relationship between the vision (with some elements on how it was formed and frame – initially through background and experience, in particular political experience) and its implementation – and its implementation. - The challenges of shifting from a liberation, or “struggle” practice to a constructive or developmental one. - The politics of city making – the processes, alliances, conflicts, one has to go through to make a vision a reality and drive, effect change in the city. - How the opportunities and challenges of implementation reshape the vision itself. - Successes/ failures, or limitations, of these strategies to implement these transformative visions of the city might be measured or tested through the notion of change (of different nature) in the city, and the sustainability of this change.en_US
dc.titleConstructing the Post-Apartheid Johannesburg: Former Officials and Politicians Tell Their Stories, A Research in Progressen_US

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