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dc.contributor.authorAguilar Miranda, Gustavo
dc.description.abstractThe International Maritime University of Panama is the most recent public university in the Republic of Panama. This higher education institution specializes in the maritime and marine sector, and also has a Quality System based on the norm ISO 9001:2008 which establishes academic, administrative, research and extracurricular procedures. In addition, this organization holds national and international accreditation such as the Panamanian Maritime Authority, the Belgian Maritime Inspectorate, and the International Maritime Organization. This Institution is heavily regulated and accredited by maritime organizations and entities at the national and international levels; the International Maritime University of Panama must comply a Quality Management System. The current version of the Quality Management System is based on the ISO 9001: 2008, however currently the International Organization for Standardization release the new version in 2015. This version allows the transition of the Organization´s Quality Systems that are accredited to be completed within a period of 3 years, however it is advisable to make the transition as soon as possible. This recommendation is due to the transition process being easier to accommodate for both Institutions and Accreditation entities, and also promote learning for both organizations. The recognition of Quality Systems based on ISO's standards has a period of three years, during this period organizations execute annual audit processes. At the end of these 3 years the Institution needs to complete a re-certification process, which is a rigorous and comprehensive review of the system and all its controlled documents. The more the re-certification process a company has, the greater the respect for the organization and for its Quality System. At the International Maritime University of Panama, the re-certification process will be in 2017 - and would be the fourth re-certification for the University. This action means that either the institution has 3 years to migrate its Quality System to the new version, given the fact that the recertification should be done in 2017, it is vital for the University does this migration this year. I decided to choose as my professional report the updating of the Quality Management System of UMIP based on version 9001: 2015. In addition to the need of having the Quality System updated and migrated before 2017, I have a passion for the quality and more focused quality on the government sector. The project's objective is "to ensure that the International Maritime University of Panama meets the requirements of version 2015 of the ISO 9001, through analysis, evaluation, restructuring and updating of the controlled documents that are part of the Quality Management System of UMIP. The process of updating the Quality Management System of the UMIP, includes the following phases: ❖ Industry Analysis: This part seeks to assess the strategic universe of the institution, and to determine strategic elements from other organization; which interact with us, including them on our System. ❖ Analysis of the Organization: Evaluate the strategy of UMIP - strategic plan, operational plan, mission, vision, values and strategic documents. ❖ Human Resource Analysis - Identify staff competence´s gap and make recommendation throughout action plans. ❖ Quality Management System Analysis – Evaluate the universe of the system, make recommendation of changes; and establish a plan to migrate all the controlled documents. ❖ Training Sessions: Inform UMIP Family about the norm´s changes and all the incoming actions to complete the updating process. ❖ Additional meetings. Meeting with UMIP´s managers about the Quality System and their interactions with it. The population of the International Maritime University of Panama is more than 1000 people, form by 900 students and 366 employees (faculty and staff). The documents that I have been updating are: Quality Policy, Quality Manual, Strategic Objectives, Processes Map, key procedures, among others. Recommendations and actions to follow: ❖ Identify training needs (familiarization with the norm ISO9001: 2015, internal and lead auditor based on the new norm, risk management and others). ❖ Training session about the updated procedures. ❖ Identify and train the auditor’s team with the new requirements. ❖ Organize meetings with all managers about their process.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipCornell Institute for Public Affairs - Cornell University International Maritime University of Panamaen_US
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International*
dc.titleUpdate of the Quality System of International Maritime University of Panamaen_US

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