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dc.contributor.authorKoplinka-Loehr, Carrie
dc.contributor.authorCoen, Claudia
dc.contributor.authorGrant, Jennifer
dc.description.abstractMore than 75% of American households use pesticides; relatively few urban dwellers are aware of IPM and how to use it. To teach the public about IPM in an exciting way, we created two interactive IPM exhibits for public places. The first, a doll house called the “Pest House,” allows visitors to find and correct ten pest problems. The second, “Mosquito Pinball,” encourages visitors to earn points every time a mosquito-thwarting practice, such as emptying sources of water or wearing repellent, is accomplished. To provide users with additional information, we wrote and produced ten “pest information cards,” shaped like bookmarks, that accompany the Pest House display; two other publications accompany the Mosquito Pinball. Both displays are being hosted by the local Science Center, which receives up to 80,000 visitors annually. In February, 2005, we will market the exhibits to audiences in the Northeast who will use them as a focal point for IPM education, and ultimately increase people’s use of IPM. In March the exhibits will debut at the NE IPM Regional Conference in Manchester, NH and in April we will deliver a related hands-on educational program about IPM to audiences at the Science Center. By providing community members with opportunities to learn about pests and IPM, we are increasing their capacity to improve their personal health, the health of their yards and neighborhoods, and, ultimately, their quality of life.
dc.publisherNew York State IPM Program
dc.subjectCommunity IPM
dc.titleIPM Displays for the Public

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