Our research, demonstrations, education, and outreach are part of a comprehensive plan to make IPM the safe, effective pest management solution for all of us who live or work in New York. Focusing on both agricultural and community IPM offers us the opportunity to help strengthen the connection between you and the people who produce your food, and to draw attention to the fact that the need for pest management is universal, as are its risks. We work with Cornell University faculty and programs, Cornell Cooperative Extension, growers, school staff and teachers, pest control operators, businesses, nonprofits, and state, local, and tribal governments.

These eCommons collections provide a living archive of NYS IPM Program materials, dynamically linked to and searchable/browsable from our website here: http://www.nysipm.cornell.edu. Additional information about the program is also available there.

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    NYS Integrated Pest Management Program Project Reports
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    NYS Integrated Pest Management Program Publications

Recent Submissions

  • Understanding and Managing Ticks – A Guide for Schools, Child Care and Camps 

    Lampman, Joellen; Gangloff-Kaufmann, Jody; Frye, Matthew (New York State IPM Program, 2017)
    Ticks are tiny, blood-feeding arthropods closely related to spiders and mites. With the ability to feed on a variety of hosts, ticks can be found in many environments—shoreline, forest, farm, field, and playground. On ...
  • Tomato Commodity Survey 2016 

    Zuefle, Marion; Seaman, Abby (New York State Integrated Pest Management Program, 2016)
    A CAPS (Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey) of tomatoes was conducted for one exotic insect pest, tomato leafminer, and three exotic tomato diseases: bacterial spot, bacterial wilt, and an unknown virus. Suspect samples ...
  • 2016 New York Sweet Corn Pheromone Trap Network (SCPTN) 

    Zuefle, Marion (New York State Integrated Pest Management Program, 2016)
    For 22 years, the Sweet Corn Pheromone Trap Network has been monitoring the flight of three important insect pests of sweet corn, European corn borer, corn earworm, fall armyworm, and more recently, 2010, Western bean ...
  • Economical and Environmental Field Crops Farming the Tactical Agriculture (TAg) Way in Eastern New York-2003 

    Wise, Ken (New York State Integrated Pest Management Program, 2003)
    The Tactical Agriculture (TAg) program is an experiential, hands-on integrated pest and crop management educational program for field crop producers, and other agribusiness personnel. Active in New York State since 1990, ...
  • Development of a Beetle Parasitoid for Management of Face Flies 

    Rutz, Donald A. (New York State Integrated Pest Management Program, 2003)
    This project seeks to advance a reliable, effective, non-pesticidal, alternative pasture fly management technology for producers through the development of a face fly parasitoid readily adaptable to commercial production. ...

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