Recent Submissions

  • Feeding Strategies During Challenging Times 

    Overton, Tom; Chase, Larry (2018-03)
    Difficult economics in the dairy industry now and likely for much of 2018 have herd owners and their advisors working to find opportunities to increase margins and/or cut costs. Using averages from 36 New York farms that ...
  • Management Considerations for Immature and Frosted Corn Silage 

    Chase, Larry (2019-08-15)
    The 2019 growing season in New York has again not been “normal.” Wet conditions delayed planting in many areas of the state. Later in the growing season, some areas were dry. On many farms, there are large differences in ...
  • Prediction of Pregnancy Following Insemination of Dairy Cows 

    Lay, Debbie (2007-07-06)
    Plasma samples from dairy cows across two seasons (warm and cold) were re-assayed utilizing a more sensitive and uniform procedure in order to assess the use of progesterone and PGFM concentrations on the day of AI (Day ...


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