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  • Current Concepts in Hypocalcemia 

    McArt, Jessica (2019-04-09)
    We will review calcium physiology in the periparturient period of dairy cows and discuss the incidence of clinical and subclinical hypocalcemia. We will then discuss classification of persistent subclinical hypocalcemia ...
  • Livestock and Climate Change: Fact or Fiction 

    Mitloehner, Frank (2019-04-09)
    Growing global demands for dairy products could strongly increase environmental pressures. Knowledge exists to improve efficiencies in dairy production and lessons can be learned from modern production successes that can ...
  • Nutrition and Reproduction in Transition Cows 

    Butler, Ron (2019-04-09)
    The transition from late pregnancy to the onset of lactation is the most challenging period in the life of a dairy cow – metabolically, health-wise, and nutritionally. The interaction of these factors sets the tone for ...
  • Circadian Rhythms and Feed Management 

    Harvatine, Kevin (2019-04-09)
    Dairy cows have a daily pattern of feed intake the has a large impact on the rumen. Total mixed rations do not solve this problem, but managing feeding and milking times allows us to improve stability of the rumen.
  • Identifying Drivers of Profitability on Commerical Dairies 

    Zoetis (2016-06)
    KEY POINTS Zoetis teamed with a Midwest agricultural banking and consulting institution to identify dairy operating measures that correlate with the financial health of contemporary dairy farms (Data on file, Dairy ...

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