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Recent Submissions

  • Presentation: Introduction to Stan for Markov Chain Monte Carlo 

    Simpson, Matthew (2017-04-25)
    An introduction to Stan ( a probabilistic programming language that implements Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (HMC), variational Bayes, and (penalized) maximum likelihood estimation. Presentation given at the ...
  • The NSF-Census Research Network in 2016: Taking stock, looking forward 

    Vilhuber, Lars (2016-05-21)
    An overview of the activities of the NSF-Census Research Network as of 2016, given on Saturday, May 21, 2016, at a workshop on spatial and spatio-temporal design and analysis for official statistics, hosted by the ...
  • Asymptotic Theory of Cepstral Random Fields 

    McElroy, T.S.; Holan, S.H. (Annals of Statistics, 2013)
    Random fields play a central role in the analysis of spatially correlated data and, as a result,have a significant impact on a broad array of scientific applications. Given the importance of this topic, there has been a ...


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