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  • Laura Goes Burlesque: The Petrarchan Parodies of Francesco Berni 

    Tonozzi, Daniel (2006-04-11)
    From the introduction: Surely, the critical aspect of Berni?s work cannot be ignored. As parody of its poetic predecessors, Berni?s poems operate as what Thomas Greene describes as an ?engagement of a subtext in a ...
  • Italian political cinema:Surveying a once glorious genrein times of anguish 

    Testa, Carlo (2006-02-28)
    Because in the Entralogos context I will dwell in some detail on the theoretical issues underpinning my interest in literature and culture, in the present pages I shall focus instead on some specific historical aspects of ...
  • Teorie dell?avanguardia tra materialismo e idealismo 

    Righi, Andrea (2006-02-16)
    The paper's opening paragraph follows: ? ormai opinione unanime nella critica mettere in relazione diretta l?avvento della moderna societ? capitalista con la nascita delle avanguardie. (tra gli altri Asor Rosa 2004: 43; ...


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