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The Race, Ethnicity, & Religion project was developed in 2004 as a collaboration between University President Jeffrey S. Lehman, the Provost, the Vice Provost, the Cornell University Librarian and the Cornell University Press in collaborating on a web-based project that would facilitate informed study and discussion of issues related to race, ethnicity and religion on the Cornell campus and in the U.S. The resources included in the project represent the breadth of CU Library's print and electronic collections, as well as the expertise of CU faculty and the library's subject specialists and selectors at that time.

The original site has been archived and is made available via the WayBack Machine Archive-It service.

Some of the material from this project is available to the Cornell community only and is available in this eCommons collection. (This material will not be accessible through the web archived version linked above.) Publicly available material, including books, is included in the web archived version.


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