Neighborhoods and People

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The cities and neighborhoods that constitute the spatial entities from which this collection comes are complemented by organizations (and people) who cut across geography -- often playing service and organizing functions. These are represented in the physical collections at Cornell University Library's Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections alongside the PCNP Collection for such persons as Paul Davidoff and Walter Thabit; and organizations such as Thabit's Planners for Equal Opportunity of the 1960s, the Conference on Alternative State and Local Policies of 1975-1986, and Planners Network from its origins when Chester Hartman adapted the mailing list from Thabit to begin correspondence and a new organization which continues through the present. For this digital collection we have included Thabit's "History of PEO," and a number of documents from the Conference on Alternative State and Local Policies -- these latter result from significant contributions of papers from Lee Webb, Derek Shearer and Ann Beaudry.