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    A Century of Scholarship and Service: 100 Years of Rural and Development Sociology at Cornell
    Zimmerman, Julie N. (Internet-First University Press, 2020-05-29)
    The author presents a sweeping, well-documented review of what was the first Department of Rural Sociology in the nation (now called the Department of Development Sociology). In it, the author identifies the evolving intellectual thrusts and connects these with the 63 faculty who served in the Department’s second 50 years. Augmented with a number of prior histories, this work was conducted as part of the Department’s 100th anniversary recognition. This history references more than 1,100 different books, journal articles, and other publications; more than 200 news and media articles; and it contains over 350 photos and images. As the author wrote: “May it capture the essence and some of the major changes in the Department’s lifespan, and may it chart at least some of the landscape on which its ensuing years are built.” A video record of the Development Sociology Centennial Symposium (September 2015) is available at:
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    The Rise and Fall of the Cornell Poultry Department, 1903-1991.
    Nesheim, Malden C. (The Internet-First University Press, 2018-10-10)
    This new history of a truly pioneering field at Cornell was written by an emeritus faculty member of that department who later served as Director of the Division of Nutritional Sciences and University Provost. Nesheim provides an intellectual history of a hugely successful effort at Cornell that quite literally touched the state, the nation and the world. He chronicles the creation and dissolution of an academic department. He also describes the national and international impact of this academic department in feeding the people of the world.
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    The Biometrics Unit: The First 40 Years,1948–1988
    Federer, Walter T. (Internet-First Univerity Press, 2018-10)
    Originally released in 1989, this is a detailed account of the birth of a new field by its founding faculty member at Cornell, Walter T. Federer. The Biometrics Unit was initiated in 1948 and was housed within the department of plant breeding. This subject matter now deeply influences most fields within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. In this data-rich account, Federer documents the birthing pains, the administrative issues, the faculty, the students (undergraduate and graduate), its research thrust and its broad role of statistical consultation in this emerging field. This unit also stimulated and led the early growth of computing at Cornell University, including a Computing Activities Group that was located in Warren Hall.
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    Consumer Economics at Cornell: A Chronicle
    Bymers, Gwen (Department of Consumer Economics and Housing, 1979)
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    The Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University: A History and Personal Reflections
    Nesheim, Malden C. (2010)
    Malden Nesheim, Professor Emeritus of Nutrition at Cornell University and former University Vice-President and Provost, provides a history of the academic study of nutrition at Cornell University.
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    Riley-Robb Hall at Cornell University: Celebrating It's Opening
    Cooke, J. Robert; Furry, Ronald B. (Internet-First University Press, 2007-06-28)
    In the fall of 1953, 46 years after the Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering at Cornell was founded (in 1907) as Division of Rural Engineering and Architecture, ground was broken for what would become its own home, Riley-Robb Hall, named after its founding fathers, Howard W. Riley and Byron B. Robb. The building was dedicated on October 6, 1954, and in 1956 the Agricultural Engineering Department, as it was then named, occupied its new 2 1/4 acre facility for teaching, research and extension. By Fall Semester 1957, 38 professorial and non-professorial staff, 6 graduate students and 12 office professionals were on the roster, as shown in the new directory of September 25, 1957 in the Appendix. Pictures of many of these individuals can be seen in the photographs included in this album. The appendix contains a listing of this 1957 directory.
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    In Their Own Voices: A Conversation with Howard W. Riley: Early Agricultural Engineering at Cornell University
    Colman, Gould P. (Internet-First University Press, 2007)
    In August of 1963, Dr. Gould Colman, University Archivist Emeritus, interviewed Professor Howard W. Riley, who was the head of the Department of Agricultural Engineering from 1907-1945. In these interviews, Professor Riley candidly records his accomplishments and mistakes, describes his limited access to educational resources that now seem primitive, and repeats his commitment to the overriding goal of teaching and research in the College at the time, and helping New York's rural people improve life's quality in farm and home life.
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    A Pioneering Department: Evolution from Rural Engineering to Biological and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University, 1907 - 2007
    Furry, Ronald B. (Internet-First University Press, 2007)
    Why does a Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering exist at Cornell University and what was the vision of those who saw the need? This book explores the beginnings and growth of Biological and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY over its first 100 years, starting with excerpts from the historic legislation that made it possible, next relating the beginning of agricultural engineering and the important contributions that Cornell University had in pointing the way in this new field, and summarizing the department's first century of service through its teaching, research and Extension programs. Also included is a description of the struggle to obtain appropriate facilities, a look at the people who helped make the Department a national and world leader in the field, along with a benchmark of current activity as the department enters its second century. Illustrations remind the reader of "the good old days", as well as how time has brought about transformations to the present.
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    A study of the plow bottom and its action upon the furrow slice
    White, Earl Archibald (Cornell University, 1917)
    This is the first Thesis produced by the Department of Biological Engineering at Conrell University in 1917.
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    BEE Picnic (July 08, 2002)
    Cooke, J. Robert (Internet-First University Press, 2007)
    This is a video snapshot of the BEE Department Picnic of July 08, 2002.