Burnett, Christopher

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Since the mid-1980s I have been designing hypermedia, image sequences, virtual reality programs, and generative texts that form, either individually or collectively, an eccentric geography. The territories in question usually involve a place uniquely situated by media that, as a mediascape, requires a unique kind of guide. They are, for example, world's fair exhibitions, at a time when new media and simulation technologies were first appearing; a futures exhibition in Philadelphia; an artificial biosphere in Arizona; a decadent parlor at the tum ofthe 20th century; the gambling capital ofthe world at any time; and currently, the new urbanism being erected on the frontier of our distressed cities. These places are out of kilter in time - degraded utopias. I don't know whether they represent hopes for the future or nostalgia for the past. But I'm learning that language has a rooted place in that sprawling matrix of progress, history, and landscape.


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    2007 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Burnett, Christopher (2009-03-30T14:27:35Z)
    I request a Rockefeller New Media Fellowship to create a new web-based work made entirely of processed streams of text that would form an image, an "impression" of sprawl. The title of the work, SprawlCode, derives from a series of works in the last five years involving software development, textual collage, image sequencing, and writing. But this next phase will incorporate entirely new features involving real-time text processing, hypertext, and expanded topics and themes. My goal is to translate my interrogation of sprawl, as an existential condition of language and "placeways," into a closer performative union with the Internet and its emerging cultural resources.