Brutsaert, Wilfried

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Wilfied Brutsaert is Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. Professor Brutsaert's interests have broadly covered hydrology and fluid mechanics in the environment. His activities related to atmospheric processes have been mostly with the ultimate objective of developing physically based methods to calculate regional evaporation from natural land surfaces covered with different types of vegetation. One of these approaches makes use of meteorological data (wind speed, temperature, and humidity) observed in the outer regions of the atmospheric boundary layer by means of different types of sounders and profilers. These techniques have been tested and calibrated in a number of large-scale field experiments in various types of terrain. In other contributions he has focused on groundwater, infiltration and runoff. A more recent initiative has analyzed climatic time-scale trends in different hydrologic variables, such as evaporation, groundwater storage and runoff, within the context of global change.


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