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This is a collection of papers and a biogrpahy of Professor Emeritus Leonard B. Dworsky.


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    Water Quality in America Since 1980: From Nitrates & Non-point to Ecosystems, Toxics and Terrorists
    Dworsky, Leonard B. (American Society of Civil Engineers, 2002)
    Selected themes through the history of water quality management paint an exciting picture of accomplishment led by innovative and committed Civil Engineers. Research results on the tools for waste management and its analytical basis, for example, allowed institutional capacity to evolve to implement them. This process continues. Currently the field is facing a number of frustrating issues ? the history of a few are summarized with some hints of how they might be resolved. For example, drinking water protection has proceeded apace, helped by a series of national initiatives and now the concern for bio-terrorism. But small, scattered systems, public or private, water supply or onsite waste disposal need attention in ways they have not in the past. Organizational challenges include who should pay. Finally we indicate some sources of further opportunity. For example, now that there is widely accepted methodology to put a dollar value on anything, when should it be used?
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    The Nation and Its Water Resources. Chapters 1-6.
    Dworsky, Leonard B. (United States Public Health Service, 1962)
    This is a special report prepared for the members of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering by Professor Leonard B Dworsky Emeritus and Professor David J Allee. Allee and Dworsky have been strongly identified with the fields of water and environmental resources. In past years they have taught CEE 529, (and others) usually in the graduate school, or in a special seminar in Resource Management. Includes a July 2005 prologue by Leonard B. Dworsky.
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    The Great Lakes of the United States and Canda: A Critique of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement On Its 125th Anniversary
    Dworsky, Leonard B.; Allee, David J. (Cornell University, 1997)
    This report has two objectives. The first is to provide a critique of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement of 1972 between the United States and Canada on the 25th anniversary of the Agreement The broad purpose of that agreement is to protect and conserve the physical, chemical and biological integrity of Great Lakes waters within the context of an ecosystem approach to safeguard the public health and welfare of the people of both countries. A second and equal objective is to re-establish a deeper understanding and appreciation of the responsibilities of the Governments of Canada and the United States under the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 on the 88th anniversary of that Treaty.
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    Leonard B. Dworsky Selected Bibliography
    Dworsky, Leonard B. (2007-10-31T15:13:14Z)
    An annotated listing of selected articles by Leonard B. Dworsky
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    Leonard Dworsky biography, research, and list of publications
    Dworsky, Leonard B. (2007-10-30T19:34:38Z)
    Biography, education, research, list of publications of Professor Leonard Dworsky.