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    Rice Panicle Topology Toolbox for Matlab (R)
    Hay, Jordan O.; Spanswick, Roger M. (Cornell University, 2006-05)
    The Rice Panicle Topology Toolbox for Matlab(R) was developed to support the analysis of panicle topology and ripening. You can encode, represent and evaluate topologically variable grain traits in a panicle using arrays and graphs. The compressed (zipped) folder contains the toolbox of 14 functions and the demo EXAMPLE.m. Also included are 39 raw data text files and PAPER.m, which reproduce the results in Hay, J.O. and Spanswick, R.M. (2006) Computational analysis of rice (Oryza sativa L.) panicle topology and ripening. Seed Science Research 16:243-250. See the README.txt file for more information and for instructions on transferring the toolbox to a directory that can be accessed by Matlab (R).