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    The Nightflowers Clockfigures
    Tatro, Emily (2024-05-22)
    This document compiles poems, stories, images, and a statement relating to Emily Tatro's April 2024 thesis exhibition, The Nightflower's Clockfigures. The poems express the psychological and imaginal ground from which the works emerge, and contextualize the works as creative and expressive rather than critical. The statement is a more linear expression of the show's themes and concepts. It explicates notions of circular or spiral time, earthly life cycles, decay and growth. It relates to psychological experiences, the multiplicity of selves, and relationship between self, culture, and the more-than-human world.
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    Back Space
    Annamariah Knox (2023)
    Annamariah Knox presents her MFA Thesis Exhibition, Back Space, at the Olive Tjaden Experimental Gallery in Ithaca, New York. The body of work explores the relationship between perception of the corporeal body, forces that shape that perception, and the moving body as a site of extra-linguistic communication and meaning. Theatrical performance, dance, and staging are investigated through an immersive, mixed-media kaleidoscope of moving figures projected onto sculptural textile installations. The work centers modes of kinetic expression and improvisational movement, moments of chance and surprise, and the dynamic engagements of opposing pairs light and dark, revelation and obscurity, and corporeal and perceived experiences, to illuminate the life of the back space: that unseen and vulnerable column directly behind the body.