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Executive Summaries on Current HR Topics (ILRHR 6640)

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The following reports were prepared by students of ILRHR 6640: HR Online Research and Reporting Methods for Executive Decision-Making in cooperation with HR executives at Cornell’s Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies-sponsoring companies. CAHRS sponsors submitted questions about current HR issues that they were facing and the students then did comprehensive research on the topic in question using a large number of free and library-purchased resources otherwise not available to the general public. The students then prepared an executive summary of no more than two pages that addressed the specific needs of the company in question. These reports were then shared with the HR executives that had requested the research in order for the companies to benefit from the findings that the students had compiled.

The executive summaries shared below are the same as the ones submitted back to the CAHRS sponsors, except any reference to the company requesting the research has been redacted.


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