Nepali textbooks

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This collection of school textbooks from Nepal has been assembled by Professor of Anthropology Kathryn March over the last 30 years or so. Because the textbooks are fragile imprints on highly acidic paper, it has not been possible to add them to the circulating collection. Their use has been limited to students and visitors to Prof. March’s office. In recent years South Asian textbooks have become objects of increasing interest to academics in many fields, due to both political developments and changing trends in research and interpretation. We expect the Nepali textbooks to be of interest to scholars in the politics, language/linguistics, sociology, religious studies, agricultural and international economic development studies, and of course, education. They are visually interesting, part of everyday and popular culture, and ripe for application to timely academic problems in virtually any field. The collection consists of some 200 books produced by the Government of Nepal and we thank the Ministry of Education for granting permission to make these textbooks freely available online.

Pages captured at 300 dpi grayscale and converted to optimized Adobe PDFs to reduce filesize. When we are notified that OCR engines can read Devanagari, we will reprocess the files for fulltext search functionality. Page skew is due to the appearance of the original printed texts.

This project funded by the College of Arts & Sciences and coordinated by Cornell University Library, was developed by the Arts & Sciences Visual Resources Advisory Group.