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    Poetry in the Digital Age: Reading in the New Scholarly Archive
    Houston, Natalie (Cornell University Library, 2015-04-16)
    On Thursday, April 16th at 4:30 pm in Olin Library 107, “Poetry in the Digital Age: Reading in the New Scholarly Archive,” was presented as part of the Conversations in Digital Humanities series. The Conversations in Digital Humanities speaker series engages scholars and practitioners at Cornell whose projects explore the intersections of advanced digital technology and cultural understanding. This conversation wasled by Natalie Houston, Associate Professor of English, University of Houston, who had this to say about the talk: “This talk presents some of my current research in using network analysis, image analysis, and computational text analysis methods to understand the cultural function of poetry in the later nineteenth century.”
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    arXiv @ 20: Celebrating the Past and the Future of a Revolutionary Tool
    Ginsparg, Paul (Cornell University, 2011-09-23)
    Twenty years ago, physicist Paul Ginsparg began a little project on his desktop: an electronic database to let fellow physicists share unpublished academic manuscripts without photocopying and paper mail. Over the past two decades, that project has revolutionized the way scientists share information. Today, arXiv -- a free scientific repository of research in physics, mathematics, statistics, computer science and related disciplines -- boasts 700,000 "preprint" articles, a million downloads a week and hundreds of thousands of contributors. To commemorate arXiv's anniversary and plan for the future, Paul Ginsparg presented "arXiv at 20: The Price for Success" at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 23 in room 120 of Cornell University's Physical Sciences building. The talk was part of a day-long forum that also included meetings with publishers, societies and arXiv's scientific advisory board.
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    Shelf Life: LibX Toolbar
    Philipp, Christine; Newberry, Susette; Colt-Demaree, Jennifer (2008-04-04T00:23:53Z)
    With just the click of your mouse or the use of its toolbar, LibX, an open-source Firefox extension configured for use at Cornell, gives you access to all of the Library?s online resources. Highlight a phrase or some key words, right click and instantly search the catalog or Google Scholar to learn about and get access to materials available through the Library.
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    An Interview with Student Book Collection Contest Winner and Writer Ron Moore
    Philipp, Chris; Colt-Demaree, Jennifer (2008-03-13T17:52:54Z)
    In 1986, Ronald D. Moore received an honorable mention for his entry on Star Trek literature in Cornell University Library?s student book collection contest. Today, he is the mastermind behind the hit TV show "Battlestar Galactica" on the Sci Fi Channel. One of the first scripts Ron sold in 1989 was to the TV series "Star Trek: The Next Generation." This led to prominent role in the Star Trek universe for him and, in the decade after that, he served as a writer and producer on that series, "Deep Space Nine" and "Voyager." In fact, he even co-wrote the screenplay for the film "Star Trek: Generations," in which Captain James T. Kirk dies. In this interview, Moore discusses his successful TV series, book collecting and his interest in science fiction.
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    Olin Library's New and Noteworthy Books
    Philipp, Chris; Colt-Demaree, Jennifer (2008-03-11T13:46:49Z)
    If read more is on your New Year's resolutions list, look no further than Olin Library's New & Noteworthy Books. Shelved in the computer area on Olin's first floor, these books include more than 1,000 popular fiction and non-fiction titles. From Harry Potter to baseball haiku to a non-fiction work on the racial implications of Hurricane Katrina, there is something for everyone. The section is a mix of mysteries, short story collections, poetry and plays by notable authors or works that have received critical attention. In fact, all books with a major write-up in The New York Times Book Review are placed on its shelves. Popular non-fiction books about history, contemporary politics, American history, science and religion as well as those topics generating buzz on NPR are there, too, alongside biographies and works by local authors and Cornell faculty. Several other Cornell libraries, including Mann and the Fine Arts Library, also have new book sections. Ask at the circulation desk of your favorite library to find out if it has this service. In this podcast, Librarian Fred Muratori discusses Olin Library's New & Noteworthy Books and talks about what is on his 2008 reading list.
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    Hip Hop collection
    Philipp, Chris; Colt-Demaree, Jennifer (2008-03-11T13:44:19Z)
    Cornell University Library's Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections has acquired a major archive on the history of hip hop and rap music, documenting its emergence in the Bronx in the 1970s and early 1980s. Materials in the collection, including sound recordings, photographs and party flyers, record the early spread of hip hop culture, preserving rare documentation of the performances of Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Caz, the Cold Crush Brothers and many others. A gift from private collector and author Johan Kugelberg, the collection will help students and scholars better understand the origins of hip hop and its influence on the history of music, art, performance and activism in America during the final third of the 20th century. The collection, which will be made available upon completion of cataloging, is the basis for Kugelberg?s book Born in the Bronx: A Visual Record of the Early Days of Hip Hop.
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    Stations of a Bookbinder's Life: Twenty-five Years in the Field
    Verheyen, Peter D.; Library, Cornell University (2007-12-05T19:04:37Z)
    Lecture given by Peter D. Verheyen for the Cornell University Bookarts Club on October 11, 2007. Master bookbinder and founder of the Syracuse Conservation Laboratory, Peter Verheyen is a leading member of the bookbinding profession. Verheyen discusses his experiences as an apprentice in Germany, work as a binder and conservator, and the many twists and turns his career has taken over the past twenty-five years.