Decker, Shawn

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Initially educated as a composer of both instrumental and computer-generated music, my work has gradually evolved from primarily performance and tape-based music composition to installations intended for galleries or other spaces, as well as to interactive performance works which make use of a variety of electronic media. My current work, which involves a variety of physical and electronic media, is positioned at the intersection of music composition, the visual arts, and performance.


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    2005 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Decker, Shawn (2009-03-13T18:25:18Z)
    "Sonic Horizon" is a Media Installation which uses a large number of multiple speakers to create a very strong "sense of place" - a sound environment where many multiple sound sources located at the periphery of the senses fuse together into one profoundly detailed soundscape.
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    Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Decker, Shawn (2006-06-30T19:02:29Z)
    A Small Migration consists of many piano wires strung roughly 8 or 9 feet above the ground across an open gallery or public space. The wires are attached directly to the gallery walls with tuning blocks, so that the walls of the gallery then act as a "sounding board" for the piece. Each motor is sent a series of short electrical pulses by the microcontroller, causing it to strike the wire, which creates a disturbance that generates sound and also visibly shaking the wire. The rhythmic patterns used are those found in nature, and are constantly accelerating and decelerating.