Eshkar, Shelley

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Having roamed through the years through every medium in studio art, I've committed myself to the medium of motion capture, a technology which digitally captures the movement, but not the physical likeness, of a moving body. Once inside the computer, I create new digital bodies and spaces to host these motions. The movements themselves are freely decomposed and altered, creating a work of performance that could only exist in virtual form.


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    2005 Rockefeller New Media Fellowship Nominee
    Eshkar, Shelley (2009-03-13T20:55:49Z)
    Toddler is an interactive installation in which the viewer can position all elements of the display, which include 16 small LCD screens placed on a tabletop as well as a single DV camera that defines the work's field of view. Since Toddler tries to create a single coherent moving image across the whole network of displays, the viewer's actions effectively forces it to rethink itself.
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    2004 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Eshkar, Shelley (2006-12-13T19:51:16Z)
    Taking visual inspiration from architectural models and children's ant farms, Habitat is a digital moving image installation that portrays in motion a vast multitude of synthetic figures negotiating their shared urban environment. The virtual urban environment and human tides are constantly in flux, developing forward in time and regressing in time; cycles of construction, demolition, alteration, and egress overlap in almost musical patterns.