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Session Moderator: Helen Tibbo, School of Infromation and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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    Virtualisation of Simple Scientific Data Objects
    Rankin, Stephen; Giaretta, David; Crothers, Steve; McIlwrath, Brian; Dunckley, Matt (2006-10-27T17:46:04Z)
    Virtualisation of Simple Scientific Data Objects.Capturing OAIS defined representation information in a standardised way is critical for the preservation and future reuse of scientific data. The structure of a scientific data object needs to be defined so that a future user can map the data bits to the actual scientific data. The semantics associated with the scientific data also needs to be defined so that the data can be understood and used by a user from the appropriate designated community. This presentation will show how simple scientific digital objects (tables, images etc.) can be described and "virtualised" by using representation information in the form of EAST file format descriptions (structure) and the corresponding DEDSL data dictionaries (semantics). It will also be shown that in some real life cases the EAST and DEDSL standards need to be extended so that they can fully describe the simple objects. Tools and APIs will be demonstrated that take the structure and semantic definitions for a simple scientific digital object and automatically read the data it contains and render it in the appropriate way.
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    Towards a Preservation Content Model for Numeric Data Collections: PREMIS and FEDORA
    Gewirtz, David; Gano, Gretchen (2006-10-27T17:43:35Z)
    A Preservation Model for Social Science Numeric Data Collections: PREMIS and FEDORA. This session will outline the workflow associated with migrating social science data collections into FEDORA, focusing on the implementation of PREMIS metadata as a component of the submission information package (SIP). Presenters will identify how the PREMIS data model serves to specialize the packaging of the SIP so that access aids can exploit the information package when it is transformed into an archival information package (AIP). Presenters will outline an example expression of PREMIS for social science datasets and will demonstrate how this metadata may be stored in a FEDORA repository. Data management issues including normalization will also be explored. Examples from the ongoing project to migrate the Yale Social Science Data Archive from a postgreSQL database into FEDORA will be provided.
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    Preservation Metadata: Adapting or Adopting PREMIS for APSR
    Lee, Bronwyn; Clifton, Gerard; Langley, Somaya (2006-10-27T17:41:44Z)
    Preservation metadata requirements for repositories: a project of the Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories (APSR) -- APSR aims to establish a centre of excellence in sustainable digital resource management and partner universities are developing demonstrator repositories built on sustainability principles. This paper presents the work of a project commissioned by APSR to specify requirements for the collection of metadata needed for long term continuity of access to digital collections. The project was called PRESTA (PREMIS Requirements Statement) but it took a broader view than PREMIS alone. The MetaArchive of Southern Digital Culture will discuss the first two years of deliverables (2004-2006) for their three year partnership for establishing a collaborative digital preservation network for southern cultural heritage materials.