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DCAPS was created to be single-point of service for those wishing to create digital collections, whether they are faculty, library staff, or outside patrons. DCAPS is a virtual group that spans multiple departments within Cornell University Library, including Library Technical Services, Digital Scholarship and Preservation Services, and Cornell University Library IT.

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    Cornell University Library’s Digital Collections Portal: Ideas about Assessment and Outreach
    Taichman, Marsha (2017-05-15)
    An examination of the Digital Collections Portal in its first year of existence, and ideas about collection promotion in general.
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    Bastides -- An Introduction
    Reps, John (2016-01-07)
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    Digital Content Delivery Platforms Web Archive
    Kehoe, William; Kurth, Martin; Mericle, Danielle; Paulson, Joy; Rieger, Oya; Corson-Rikert, Jonathan; Silterra, Enrico; Arnstein, Matthew; Jenkins, Keith; Bakula, Jena; Martinez, Peter; Halpern, Gale; Kozak, George; Smith, Adam; Demello, David; Newhart, Mary; Webb, Frances; Ruddy, David; Payette, Sandra; Wilper, Christopher (Cornell University Library, 2007)
    The Web Archive of the Digital Content Delivery Platforms Forum contains presentations that facilitated the discussion of content software and system issues. The Forum facilitated information sharing among the Library staff involved in DCDP technical development, management, and decision-making. The Forum expanded the understanding of the commonly used CUL platforms, such as DLXS, DPubS, DSpace, ENCompass, Luna, and GreenStone. The Forum created a technical knowledge base to facilitate selection and assessment of DCDPs, and it advocated the assessment of existing platforms and forcasted new developments. Its intent was to promote the creation of integrated digital collections and develop best practices, guidelines, requirements. The Forums were held regularly with a focus on a specific platform or delivery technology/standard to share experience and information. This archive covers the period from 2003-2007.