Merhi, Yucef

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My artistic practice has been focused on the research of cultural references and technical resources that can be applied to establish dynamic models of information. To me art is a space where I'm able to merge all kind of knowledge in complete harmony. I started producing cultural objects 18 years ago. My first project was a programmed movie that I made using an Atari 2600. Since then I've been exploring the connections between technology and language. Both elements became the basis of my theoretic and experimental study.


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    Rockefeller New Media Foundation --Supplementary Material
    Merhi, Yucef (2006-12-20T15:03:10Z)
    10 installation slides: 1: The Poetic Clock, 1997. LED Screen Installation. 2: The Poetic Machine, 1998. Computer Installation, Custom Software. 3-4: Atari Poetry I, 2001. VCS ATARI 2600, TV Screen. 5: Poetic Words, 2001. 3 Portable Spinning LED Devices. Slide: Poetic Dialogues, 2002. Internet Project, 7: Mission Taliban, 2002. Computer Game, Custom Software. 8: Wizart, 2000. Intemet Project, 9-10: Maximum Security, 2002. Hacking on Paper.
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    2004 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Merhi, Yucef (2006-12-18T16:25:00Z)
    Poet in New York is an interactive non-linear documentary that explores the intersection of new media and poetry, showing the journey of a young Latin American poet in the streets and landscapes of New York. Inspired in the book "Poet in New York" by Federico Garcia Lorca, this project attempts to exhibit the romantic intensity and urban poetics of the most desired city of our time. From Harlem to the Brooklyn Bridge, walking around the alleys of Chinatown and the piers of the West Village, New York turns into a multidimensional city, where each corner portrays a vivid poetic experience, described by Lorca as 'poetic facts'. The film will be rendered on real-time using a G5 computer, combining 89 short videos, 34 spoken poems and 13 musical compositions, all centered in the figure and daily events of a 26 years old poet in New York. As a result, the viewer will experience a multimedia film filled with emotive scenes, juxtaposing the bucolic interior of the poet and the metropolitan surface of the city. All the content will be combined using a random-based algorithm which comprises 39.338 possible ways to contemplate the movie.