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Articles from the Reader of the Conference on Alternative State & Local Public Policies held June 10-13, 1976 in Austin, Texas. The reader was edited and compiled by Derek Shearer, California Public Policy Center Los Angeles, California and Lee Webb, Professor of Public Policy, Goddard College Plainfield, Vermont.

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Table of Contents

Scanned introduction and complete table of contents from the reader
This contains the list of where and when the articles below were published and the names of the authors.

Neighborhood government

Excerpts from Handbook on Advisory Neighborhood Commissions by Milton Kotler and Greta Smith, November, 1975 - Not available online here.

Neighborhood Plan of the City and County of Honolulu

Washington, D.C. Act to Establish Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, January, 1976

Neighborhood Government Act of 1973, Senator Mark Hatfield (R-Oregon), from Congressional Record, October 1, 1973

Criminal justice

Campaign literature of Richard Hongisto, Sheriff of San Francisco, 1975

What Can One Judge Do? by Dan Georgakas and Marvin Surkin, excerpted from: Detroit: Do I Mind Dying, St. Martins Press, 1975 - Not available online here.

Police Board Hangs on Under Fire by Daryl Lembke, Los Angeles Times, February 9, 1976 - Not available online here.

We Need Neighborhood Mechanisms of Justice by Dorothy Nelson, Los Angeles Times, July 22, 1974

Government reform

1975 Florida Government in Sunshine statutes

Colorado Reins in Bureaucracy, Los Angeles Times, April 23, 1976 - Not available online here.

Model Act Establishing a Residential Utility Consumer Action Group (RUCAG), August, 1975

Consumers Need More Voice on State Panels by Ray Bonner, Los Angeles Times, June 8, 1975

The Public's Role in Regulatory Affairs by Antonio Rossman, Los Angeles Times, November 21, 1975

Campaign Finance Reform in the States, Common Cause, January, 1976

Public Financing of Campaigns, Fact Sheet from California Senate Democratic Caucus, March 10, 1976


A Minor Renaissance is Turning City Hall Into Center of Culture by Robert J. McCartney, Wall Street Journal, March 15, 1976 - Not available online here.

Implementation of the '1% for Art' Ordinance in the City of Seattle, Seattle Arts Commission, 1976


Adult Education in California by Donald McNeil, Director, California Postsecondary Education Commission, Sacramento Bee, February 5, 1976

Secondary School Reform Plan Sent to Legislature by Jack McCurdy, Los Angeles Times, February 13, 1976 - Not available online here.

Woman's legislation

Summary of Proposed State Legislation of Concern to Women in Wisconsin in 1975 by Norma Briggs, Executive Secretary, Wisconsin Commission on the Status of Women

Food, land and growth

Analysis of Keynote Speech: Natural Resource Management and Agriculture by Douglas McArthur, former Deputy Minister'of Agriculture, Province of Saskatchewan

McHale's Pennsylvania Plan by Catherine Lerza, Elements, October, 1975

Farmers' Markets Sprout Inside the Cities by Joann Lublin, Wall Street Journal, August 25, 1975 - Not available online here.

Buying Back the Land by Peter Barnes, Working Papers, Summer, 1973

Land and Agriculture, Fact Sheet prepared by California Senate Democratic Caucus, March, 1975

Act to Establish a Farm Assistance Corporation, sponsored by Assemblyman Art Torres, California, 1976 Session

Initiative to Amend Oregon Constitution to Restrict Farming by Corporations, 1976

Santa Barbara: The Impacts of Growth, Santa Barbara Planning Task Force, supplement to Santa Barbara News-Press, December 6, 1974

Petaluma Stops the Bulldozers by Belle Canon, Oregon Times, April, 1976

A Task Force Plan on Land Use by Bill Press, Sacramento Bee, April 27, 1975

Bill to Establish a State Land Bank, sponsored by Senator John J. Hulten, Hawaii, 1975

California Studies Bill to Protect Coast by Gladwin Hill, New York Times, February 14, 1976 - Not available online here.


Health Care in Seattle by Peter Barnes, New Republic December 18, 1971 - Not available online here.

Questions and Answers on a National Community Health Service, (Dellums Bill) Community Health Alternatives Project

Rebuilding the Local Health Care System by John Peterson, Prairie Dispatch, Champagne-Urbana, 1975

Report on People's Health Center, Freeport, Illinois by Lamorm Morris, 1975

Model Consumer Blue Cross Statute, Health Law Project, University of Pennsylvania

Model Consumer Health Maintenance Organization Act (table of contents), Health Law Project, University of Pennsylvania

Controlling corporations

House Panel Would Let Union Members Block Firm's Sale by Jack Coffman, Minneapolis Star, 1976

Bill Relating to Sale of Corporations, Minnesota, 1975

Proposed Model Code for Corporate Rehabilitation by Professor Chris Stone, University of Southern California Law School

National Employment Priorities Act of 1975 (HR 76)

Draft for a Work Quality Act, California, 1975

Trust Busting at the Local Level by Robert Lindsey, New York Times, November 9, 1975 - Not available online here.


Statement on California Energy Policy by Len Ross, Commissioner, Public Utilities Commission, August 20, 1975

A Bill to Establish a Public Power Policy for the State of Florida by Representative Becker, 1976

Summary of California Assembly Bill 632 on Public Development of Energy Resources, 1975

State Needs a Public Energy Corporation by Derek Shearer, Los Angeles Times, August 20, 1975 - Not available online here.

CAL First to Win Lifeline, interview with Tim Sampson, Citizen Action League, Just Economics, Fall, 1975

Initiative to Create a Michigan State Power Authority, Human Rights Party, 1976

Nuclear Initiatives, Elements, November, 1975

Pennsylvania Bill to Impose a Moratorium on Construction of Nuclear Plants, October 15, 1975

Michigan Bill to Regulate Nuclear Power Plants, November 25, 1975

The Case for a Study to Determine the Feasibility of a Publicly Owned Utility in New York City

Report on Municipal Acquisition of Public Utilities, prepared by City Attorney, Madison, Wisconsin

Economic development

Act Creating the Massachusetts Community Development Finance Corporation, 1975

Outline for a City Economic Development Fund, by Alderman Michael Sack, Madison, Wisconsin

Bank of North Dakota by Derek Norcross, Parade, November, 1975 - Not available online here.

New Bank for Coops by Jim Ridgeway, Elements, November 1975

Exerpt from A State Bank for Coops by Lee Webb

A Fishing Cooperative Survives by Colman McCarthy, Washington Post - Not available online here.

British Columbia Economic Development Corporation, Report of the Chairman, 1975

Billions of Dollars and No Sense, The Public Works, Fall, 1975

Jobs for the Environment by Pat Heffernan, excerpts from a memo to the California Employment Development Department

Public Banking: A Model for the District of Columbia by Bill Batko, Institute for Local Self-Reliance

California To Crack Down on 'Redlining' by Ron Cooper, Wall Street Journal, August 26, 1975 - Not available online here.

Fact Sheet on Redlining, prepared by California Senate Democratic Caucus, February 10, 1976

Anti-Redlining Bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Art Torres, California

Tax reform

New Trends in State and Local Taxes by Jonathan Rowe, People and Taxes, March, 1976

North Dakota Boasts a Real Phenomenon: A Popular Tax Chief by Morris Thompson, Wall Street Journal - Not available online here.

Testimony by Byron L. Dorgan, Tax Commissioner, North Dakota, to U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations, May 2, 1973

Major Proposals for the 1973 Legislature, by Byron L. Dorgan, North Dakota State Tax Commissioner

Corporations and State Taxes by James Rosapepe, Washington Monthly, January, 1975

An Intangibles Property Tax for the District of Columbia by Jonathan Rowe, Tax Reform Research Group, 1974

Property Tax Reform in British Columbia by Jonathan Rowe, People and Taxes, November, 1975

The Tax Picture in California by Jon Lewis, California Tax Reform Association, January 1976

Tax Relief Legislation Reduces the Burden of New Mexico's Personal Income Tax by Charres D. Turpen, Director of Tax Research, Revenue Review, Eebruary, 1976

Memo on Metropolitan Tax-Base Sharing by Citizens League, Minneapolis, January 20, 1976

Ordinance Establishing a Graduated Scale of Discounts for Payment of County Real Estate Taxes, Calvert County, Maryland, 1976

Questions and Answers about ACORN's Property Tax Campaign, March 24, 1976

Exerpt from: The Rich Get Richer and the Rest Pay Taxes by Jere Chapman, Elliott Sclar, and Ray Torto, Massachusetts Public Finance Project

Public enterprise

The Salt of Public Enterprise by Derek Shearer, The Nation, February 21, 1976

Memo on Competitive Public Enterprise by Derek Shearer, Geoffrey Cowan, and Aileen Adams

Wisconsin State Life Insurance Fund, report by Division Chief, 1975

Public Car Insurance in Canada by John Doig, Toronto Star, May 17, 1975

The Manitoba Automobile Insurance Plan, a report by Sherman Bernard, Commissioner of Insurance, Louisiana, March 28, 1973

Bill To Establish the Michigan Insurance Authority, sponsored by Representative Perry Bullard

Political organization and long range program

Progressive Power in Austin by Kaye Northcott, The Texas Observer, October 17, 1975

Programs for Madison’s 13th District by Alderman Michael Sack

Hayden Outlines ‘New Democracy’ Plan by Tom Goff, Los Angeles Times, January 12, 1976 - Not available online here.

ACORN Calling: Door-to-Door Organizing in Arkansas by Andrew Kopkind, Working Papers, Summer, 1975

Community- Union: A Year and a Half by John Peterson, Prairie Dispatch, September 11, 1975

An Alternate Budget for Revenue Sharing Funds, 1975-76, Santa Cruz County, Community Congress

Program for San Francisco Community Congress, 1975

British Columbia: Three Years Later by Emily and Ben Achtenberg, Working Papers, Winter, 1976

Dreams and Schemes: A Catalogue of Proposals by Derek Shearer, Working Papers, Fall, 1975


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