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The Oral History Project of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University, led by Charles Wilcox and Kelly Strickland, presents this DVD of an extended interview with a senior member of the faculty in which they share their lifes journey, their professional interests and their reflections about the distinctive character of their department and its nurturing environment. Their comments reveal some of the aspects that make this an exemplary academic unit. Short biographies of interviewee and interviewer are included, in addition to a photo gallery and list of publications of the interviewee.

Simon Bauer's papers deal with molecular structure determinations by electron diffraction, EXAFS and spectroscopic techniques, measurement of the physical and thermochemical properties of the boranes, kinetics of fast reactions and spectral emissions at high temperatures, as studied in shock tubes and in chemical laser systems, and models of nucleation / condensation processes.

He was a Guggenheim Fellow (1949), an NSF Senior Postdoctorate Fellow (1962) at CNRC and the Weizmann Institute, NAS Interacademy Exchange Fellow (USSR, 1966). In 1979 he received an Alexander von Humboldt Award and spent 6 months at the Max Planck Institute in Garching-Munchen.

See also Simon Bauer 100th Birthday Celebration.


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    Simon Bauer 100th Birthday Celebration
    Bauer, Simon; Widom, Ben; Scheraga, Harold (The Internet-First University Press, 2011-10-15)
    The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology saluted Simon Bauer on the occasion of his 100th birthday in an event on October 15, 2011 in the recently opened Physical Sciences Building. Accompanied by his extended family, Bauer traveled to Ithaca for the event and personally delivered a 16-minute address. This was followed by remarks by his former Ph.D. student Ben Widom, Goldwin Smith Professor Emeritus, who reviewed some highlights of Bauer’s distinguished career in science. Professor Emeritus Harold A. Scheraga delivered the after dinner speech. Running time 61 minutes. See also 'A Conversation with Simon Bauer' at
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    A Conversation with Simon H. Bauer
    Bauer, Simon H.; Hughes, Robert E. (Internet-First University Press, 2006-09)
    The Oral History Project of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology sponsored this DVD video about Simon H. Bauer [runtime: 2 hr, 47 min] with interviewer Robert E. Hughes. Topics covered are [minutes:seconds]: Introduction [1:58]; Early Years [1:58]; Undergrad at U. Chicago [2:55]; Graduate at U. Chicago [0:31]; Electron Diffraction-1 [0:34]; Mass Spectrometry [1:39]; Research in 30?s vs. present [3:33]; Computers [1:13]; I. I. Rabi [1:35]; Postdoc Study at CalTech [0:58]; Infrared Studies [1:04]; Linus Pauling [1:17]; Depression Era Job [2:49]; Cornell Appointment 1938 [0:55]; Lynn Hoard [0:38]; Teaching Qualitative Analysis [1:22]; Electron Diffraction-2 [1:37]; Harry Bush [1:03]; Peter Debye-1 [2:51]; Frank Long [1:10]; Fluorocarbon [1:04]; Electron Diffraction-3 [1:03]; Ken Hedberg [1:18]; John Kirkwood and Peter Debye-2 [4:01]; Paul Flory and Peter Debye-3 [1:06]; Chemical Kinetics [2:01]; Impact tubes-1 [1:53]; R. C. Tollman [3:37]; Shock Tubes-2 [1:56]; Hans Bethe [2:00]; Sound Dispersion [2:36]; Photoacoustic Effect [2:46]; CO2/N2 Lasers [1:37]; Shock Tube Studies-2 [10:58]; Single-pulse Shock Tubes [2:07]; Chemical Lasers [2:10]; Polyani[2:54]; Molecular Beams [1:53]; Excited States [0:39]; DF Lasers [0:40]; UV Lasers [1:14]; NMR Techniques [4:24]; Formic Acid [1:34]; X-ray / CHESS Studies [6:22]; Heats of Formation of CH Species [3:09]; Heats of Formation of Boron Hydrides [6:05]; Electron Diffraction [2:07]; Boron Hydride Oxidations [1:19]; Condensation of Vapors [11:44]; Shock-tube Synthesis of Amino Acids [6:09]; Four-center Reactions [3:32]; G. N. Lewis-Acid/Base Reactions [4:54]; Instructional Importance of Quantum Physics [11:39]; Conclusion [2:15]. Additional Resources: Bauer Biography and List of Publications; Bauer Photo Gallery; Hughes Brief Biography. At 95 he continues to publish. The streaming video is openly accessible at: The DVD was produced by J. Robert Cooke.