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The Steering Committee of the Academic Assembly prepares the agenda and the scheduling of regular and special meetings of the Assembly. This collection serves as an archive for the recorded, videotaped, transcribed or otherwise documented presentations made before Academic Assembly. More information about the Assembly can be found at (access may be restricted).


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  • Документ
    Academic Assembly Steering Committee Annual Report 2014
    Walker, Martha (2014-10-20)
    The annual report of the Academic Assembly Steering Committee, summarizing activities of the group, in chronological order, during the 2013-2014 academic year.
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    CUL Academic Assembly, November 1st, 2007
    Golding, Steve (2007-11-06T02:15:08Z)
    "Higher Education Administration in the 21st Century - The Cornell Model." The talk will take a look at some of the challenges facing higher education administration in the coming years and how Cornell might address them with examples. Specifically, I will look at issues around planning, employee development, emerging new administrative goals and the structural changes required to adapt to these new challenges in a decentralized environment. The talk will also focus in on the evolving role that employees can play in helping management affirm goal statements and set reasonable benchmarks to assess organizational progress.
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    CUL Vision Team report delivered to Academic Assembly on 10/04/2007
    Koltay, Zsuzsa (2007-10-08T13:33:21Z)
    CUL Vision Team report delivered to Academic Assembly on 10/04/2007
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    Strange New Librarians
    Wilder, Stanley (2007-09-10T18:22:30Z)
    Abstract: As a group, librarians are perilously close to being the oldest professionals in the U.S.-- older than the clergy or teaching faculty for example, though mercifully younger than marine architects. What's more, the population of librarians is also aging quickly, meaning that the profession is now entering a period of retirements higher than any in living memory. And for all that, the most compelling aspect of the demographics of librarianship is the emergence of a youth movement that is blurring the distinction between professional and support staff, eroding the relevance of the MLS degree, and creating a new class of library professionals who get far more money for far less library experience. And then there's Canada.
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    The New Kaleidoscope of Scholarly Communication
    Wheatley, Steven (2007-06-12T17:09:02Z)
    Presentation and recording of a talk given by Steven Wheatley, Vice President of the American Council of Learned Societies, at the June 7, 2007, Cornell University Library Academic Assembly about the role that scholarly communication plays in our society as it relates to electronic and print materials.
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    Advancing Information Literacy
    Wedgeworth, William (2007-06-12T16:56:05Z)
    Presentation of a talk given by Robert Wedgeworth, President and CEO of ProLiteracy Worldwide, at the November 2, 2006, Cornell University Library Academic Assembly about the information literacy, leadership, and libraries.
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    FROM DIALOGUE TO IMPACT: Enhancing Campus Collaboration in the Service of Student Learning & Engagement
    Maughan, Patricia; Dupuis, Elizabeth (2007-06-12T16:44:54Z)
    An audio recording of the presentation given to Academic Assembly on October 5, 2006 by Elizabeth Dupuis & Patricia Maughan, Project Director and Project Manager of the Mellon Library/Faculty Fellowship for Undergraduate Research at the University of California, Berkeley.
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    State of the Library Address
    Kenney, Anne R. (2007-06-12T16:27:55Z)
    Presentation and recording of a talk given by Anne R. Kenney, Interim Cornell University Librarian, at the May 3, 2007, Cornell University Library Academic Assembly about the top 10 assumptions for the future of academic libraries and librarians, as well as its impact on Cornell.
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    Academic Assembly Budget Presentation
    Cartmill, Lee (2007-06-12T16:12:44Z)
    The presentation is a brief account of the Library's financial standing as of May 3, 2007.
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    Being a Librarian
    Calhoun, Karen (2006-09-27T19:52:09Z)
    Librarians have perhaps taken the most pride in their role as intermediaries, whether as reference librarians personally connecting users to the information they need, or as the creators of tools, like library catalogs, that facilitate those connections. However, in the interconnected world of the Web, information seekers behave more and more self-sufficiently, choosing simple but powerful search engines and moving well beyond catalogs and library collections in their pursuit of information. Using her recent research on the integration of the catalog with other discovery tools as a starting point, Calhoun will explore how librarians can continue advancing the state of knowledge in a digital world.