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    Joel Silbey: Reminiscences
    Silbey, Joel; Altschuler, Glenn; LaFeber, Walter (Internet-First University Press, 2019-06-11)
    Walter LaFeber and Glenn Altschuler remember Joel Silbey, their Cornell colleague and friend. After reviewing his formative years in Brooklyn and his graduate training at the University of Iowa, they discuss Joel’s scholarly career (including his use of quantitative methods and his important work on the Civil War “synthesis” and “the partisan imperative” in nineteenth century American politics) and his extraordinary commitment to teaching undergraduates and alumni.
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    The Corson Symposium: Lectures
    Richardson, Robert C.; Rawlings, Hunter R. III; Brademas, John; Ehlers, Vernon J.; Kuh, Charlotte V.; Wyatt, Joe B.; Plum, Fred; Greenberg, Donald P.; Rhodes, Frank H.T.; Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Holcomb, Donald F.; Tanksley, Steven D.; Ballantyne, Joseph M. (2009-07-22T17:00:56Z)
    This is a companion piece to the Book: "the Legacy of Dale R. Corson". These are audio versions of the Lectures given at the Corson Symposium given on December 6-7, 1999.
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    Video: The Corson Legacy: An Overview
    LaFeber, Walter; Abrams, M. H. (2009-07-22T15:19:29Z)
    This is a companion piece to the Book: "The Legacy of Dale R. Corson". It is an Introduction to the DVD which encompasses many of the items in this collection.
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    The Legacy of Frederick G. Marcham
    LaFeber, Walter F.; Marcham, John (Internet-First University Press, 2006)
    The life and career of Prof. Frederick G. Marcham (1898-1992) who taught English history at Cornell University for 69 years. Length 41:44.