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This is a location for storing Mann Library-related items that are listed in the Library Catalog or linked to from Confluence. Confluence has a limit of 15MB per attached file so we need a place to store larger files and link to them from within Confluence.


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    CALS Memorial Trees
    Cowett, Fred (2010-02-25T14:05:46Z)
    A list of CALS Memorial Trees on the Cornell University campus, including those on the Ag Quad, and a map of those trees on the Ag Quad. The following data is provided for each tree: common name, Latin name, species code, DBH (diameter at breast height, in inches), Cornell Campus Tree Inventory ID number, who the tree is dedicated to, and the name of the donor.
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    Toshiba D-VR610KU Owner's Manual
    Toshiba Corporation (2008-11-26T19:57:57Z)
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    Interview with Ari van Tienhoven
    van Tienhoven, Ari (2008-06-23T18:41:11Z)
    This video contains a 5/6/2008 interview with Dr. Ari van Tienhoven, Emeritus Professor of Animal Physiology at Cornell University.