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Metadata is structured data that facilitates access, administration and preservation of resources. Cornell University Library’s metadata services group can provide expert metadata advice to academic libraries, journal publishers, non-profit organizations, agencies and Cornell University units across multiple fields. This eCommons collection houses metadata-related content created by our metadata librarians. For more information about the group, please visit our website or contact us at


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    Shareable Local Name Authority Reference Model (Draft)
    Wang, Jing (2018-04)
    Reference model developed for shareable name authorities, extending the OAIS Reference model; this model is related to the National Strategy for Shareable Local Name Authorities National Forum (SLNA-NF) White Paper. The SLNA-NF project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services [LG-73-16-0040-16].
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    National Strategy for Shareable Local Name Authorities National Forum : White Paper
    Casalini, Michele; Chew, Chiat Naun; Cluff, Chad; Durocher, Michelle; Folsom, Steven; Frank, Paul; Gatenby, Janifer; Godby, Jean; Kovari, Jason; Lorimer, Nancy; Lynch, Clifford; Murray, Peter; Myntti, Jeremy; Neatrour, Anna; Nimer, Cory; Pilsk, Suzanne; Pitti, Daniel; Quintana, Isabel; Wang, Jing; Warner, Simeon (2018-03-29)
    White paper for the National Strategy for Shareable Local Name Authorities National Forum (SLNA-NF), an Institute of Museum and Library Services funded-project [LG-73-16-0040-16]. Details issues raised through discussions of the SLNA-NF, including minimum viable specifications, data provider obligations, workflows and reconciliation as a service.
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    Shareable Authorities : Research Questions & Directions in the National Strategy for Shareable Local Name Authorities
    Kovari, Jason (2016-11-08)
    Slides from the 2016 Digital Library Federation conference presentation concerning background, discussion topics and projected outcomes of the IMLS-funded National Strategy for Shareable Local Name Authorities, a year-long forum of engaged in issues surrounding the sharing of local name authority and entity data.
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    Capturing the Web : Web Archiving in Cultural Heritage Institutions
    Kovari, Jason; Dooley, Jackie M.; Peterson, Christie; Yarmey, Kristen (2016-06-23)
    Presentation on web archiving from four perspectives: technology, collection development, metadata and limited resources. Presented as a seminar as part of the 2016 RBMS (Rare Books and Manuscript Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries) Conference.
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    Linked Data for Production : Research Questions and Project Goals
    Kovari, Jason; Lorimer, Nancy; Bell, Joyce; Folsom, Steven; McCallum, Sally; Wacker, Melanie (2016-06-25)
    Presentation on project goals and research questions of Linked Data for Production (LD4P), an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded collaborative project between six institutions (Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Library of Congress, Princeton, and Stanford University); presented as part of the Library Linked Data Interest Group at the 2016 ALA Annual Conference. Discussion included project background as well as administrative and technology related issues.
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    Linked Data Efforts at Cornell University Library (selective) : a snapshot in time
    Kovari, Jason (2016)
    Since 2014, Cornell University Library (CUL) has been collaborating with Harvard and Stanford Universities on Linked Data for Libraries (LD4L), an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded initiative to model and produce library data as linked data. In this talk, Kovari reviews the efforts undertaken in LD4L and discusses on-going work at CUL to further model and produce library data as linked data. This presentation provides background on Cornell's efforts in the LD4L space, including upcoming work on LD4L Labs and LD4P, with a particular focus on efforts in technical services as well as collaborations both with and beyond the initial LD4L group. Further, the talk discusses two projects underway at Cornell: an IMLS funded National Strategy for Shareable Local Name Authorities and a local effort to investigate Vitro for local authorities.
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    LTS and Linked Data: a position paper
    Chew, Chiat Naun; Kovari, Jason; Folsom, Steven (2015-12-16)
    "LTS and Linked Data: a position paper" outlines motivations for adopting linked data techniques for describing and managing our collections, and seeks to articulate a specific role for Library Technical Services (LTS) within this enterprise.
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    Cornell University Library's Digital Collection Portal
    Kovari, Jason; Colt, Jennifer (2015-10-20)
    Presentation about the in-development Hydra - Blacklight solution to discovery of digital collections at CUL; presentation given as part of the ARTstor SharedShelf NY-NJ-PA Regional Users Group meeting.
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    All the Reasons to be a Fan of PCC's Strategic Directions 2015-2017: Shifting from Authorities to People, Places, Events, Awards…
    Folsom, Steven (2015-06-28)
    Catalogers are increasingly asked to focus on descriptive activities in areas both in and outside of the traditional catalog, e.g. institutional repositories, digital collections for archival materials, even… in how we describe our staff and services on the web.  With this expansion of our mission comes an opportunity to reconsider how we describe, publish, and share our data so that it’s value extends beyond one system… beyond the library itself.  With this increased scope, we must also consider how we might except and reuse data produced outside the library domain.
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    Faculty Collaboration(s) to Build Web Archives : a Cornell case study
    Kovari, Jason (2015-08-18)
    Slides from an Archive-It Partners Meeting presentation on collaboration between Cornell University Library and Cornell University faculty members in building web archives.