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The "Member Perspectives" provide the most current legal analysis of judicial holdings and other legal issues, provided by the center’s member firms, which are leading legal, labor, and employment-related practices. Drawing on the expertise of the leading practitioners in the field, these documents offer analysis and commentary on the latest judicial opinions, new legislation and regulations, and issues affecting labor and employment in the hospitality industry. Multiple perspectives are available on many topic areas.


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    Who Are My Employees?
    Bressan, Paul L.; Seroussi, Ruth L.; BuchalterNemer (2015-11-01)
    The legal landscape for employers is changing. Led by the National Labor Relations Board (the “NLRB”), there is a growing trend to hold employers accountable, not only for their own employees, but also for the employees of their contractors, franchisees, and others with whom they do business. This increased accountability results from the expanding definition of “joint employer.”
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    How the Hospitality Industry is Rethinking Development for its Next Generation of Leaders
    Warech, Michael A. (2017-03-19)
    [Excerpt] So where will we find the next generation of leaders in the hospitality industry? Like their counterparts in other business sectors, this question remains top-of-mind for those responsible for finding, managing, and developing the talent needed to ensure the vitality of their organizations. While, arguably, not as glamorous as a new guest amenity or as important as a cost-saving innovation, there is nothing more critical than talent to succeed in an increasingly competitive and challenging global business environment. Leveraging the best strategies and tactics related to talent management, succession planning, workforce planning, training and leadership development are, quite possibly, a company's most critical work.
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    Leaving Talent on the Table? The Importance of Developing and Retaining Women Leaders
    Warech, Michael A. (2018-03-25)
    [Excerpt] While it’s been twenty years since McKinsey & Co. first coined the term ‘War for Talent’, many companies continue the fight to attract and retain the best and brightest. In an increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace, retaining human capital can, literally, be the difference between life and death.
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    A Glimpse into the Future of Work
    Warech, Michael A. (2018-03-11)
    [Excerpt] In this Instagram age of texts and tweets, it should come as no surprise that the most important and complex workplace challenge facing CEOs and CHROs is neatly summarized by the acronym ‘FoW’. Forget YOLO, FOMO or even VUCA, the Future of Work (FoW) is top of mind for global leaders as they wrestle with exactly what it means and how to best prepare their organizations for a future that is increasingly hard to predict. The good news? An April 2018 study by Catalant found that 63% of surveyed companies had a FoW plan in place1. The bad news? By the time the proverbial ink is dry, those plans may be woefully out of date or misaligned to the changing dynamics of the FoW.
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    2015 California Labor and Employment Legislative Update: Newly Enacted Employment Legislation
    Jones Day; Whitton, Mhairi L. (2015-11-01)
    The California Legislature’s efforts to expand the reach and scope of California employment statutes continue unabated. In most instances, its efforts were endorsed by Governor Jerry Brown. In September and October 2015, the governor signed more than a dozen of these bills into law. Most notable is the California Fair Pay Act, which amends the Labor Code to require equal pay for employees performing “substantially similar” work regardless of gender, strengthens anti-retaliation protections for employees seeking wage information, and extends employers’ recordkeeping obligations. The California Fair Pay Act goes into effect at the beginning of 2016.