English 2890: Women's Activism in the U.S.

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    Suffrage and Temperance in the Speeches of Frances Willard
    Hou, Laura (2009-05-07T22:21:59Z)
    Although the Temperance Movement ultimately failed, it was an important step towards women's suffrage because it allowed women to gain political and public experience. Nineteenth century women were still shackled under the chains of the system that believed women were secondary to men. They weren't allowed outside of the domestic sphere, and they certainly weren't allowed to take part in politics. Thus, when more and more men started coming home, inebriated and a danger to his family, women found it difficult to make the prohibition against alcohol possible because of the restrictions placed upon them. Frances Willard, president of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, traveled far and wide and delivered many speeches, fighting hard for the cause of the Temperance Movement to ban alcohol. In these, she often combined the Women's Suffrage Movement, the movement for women's right to vote, and the Temperance Movement. These two movements are closely linked, and in this video I analyze Willard's speeches to see how she rhetorically connected them together.
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    Margaret Sanger: The Contributions She Offered Women and Birth Control
    Penn, Leevell (2009-05-07T17:25:56Z)
    Margaret Sanger played an important role in birth control advocacy. Despite laws that restricted the use of contraception for women in the 19th century, Sanger was able to reform legislature and improve the lives of many women and families through the use of contraceptives.
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    The Women's Trade Union League: Labor, Suffrage, and Sisterhood
    Louis, Leeann (2009-05-07T07:52:52Z)
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    Well, We Showed Them
    Muttreja, Ashima; Hazell, Rebecca (2009-05-07T00:18:02Z)
    Clara Lemlich was a factory girl who lived in New York City in the early nineteen hundreds. Lemlich recognized the unsanitary working conditions that many women were subject to in factories and vowed to make a difference. This movie provides a look at Lemlich's life and her active involvement in the "Garment Workers Strike of 1909" and how she inspired other activists to fight for their cause leaving a lasting impression on America's labor industry.
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    A Transgender Place in Feminism
    Tonick, Shawna (2009-05-06T13:51:30Z)
    Transgender people face a variety of issues in terms of gaining acceptance and civil rights in our society. They are often mistreated and harassed, face workplace discrimination, have difficulty obtaining appropriate medical attention, and are victims of hate violence, to name a few. Many of the issues that transgender people face are also issues confronting feminists. This project examines how transgender people and transgender rights fit into the goals of feminism, including some of the feminist backlash toward transgender people. Some radical feminists seem to believe that transgender people are simply enforcing our society's gender roles or using a transgender identity to "infiltrate" the women's movement. However, these beliefs are harmful to both transgender people and feminism; it is more beneficial for transgender people and feminists to work towards common goals together.
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    Liberalization and Masturbation: The Story of Eve's Garden
    Bonney-Burrill, Jessie (2009-05-05T15:56:45Z)
    In September of 1974, Dell Williams opened Eve's Garden, the first sex boutique in the world to be owned by a woman, run by women, and geared for women. Eve's Garden was born from the new public climate of the 1970s and the women's liberation movement, which Williams was a strong supporter of. Williams opened Eve's Garden because she believed that women's sexuality was the key to women's liberation. Williams wanted a safe place for women to feel comfortable exploring their sexuality and enhancing their sexuality education. Eve's Garden still resides at its original 1974 location on 57th Street in New York City, New York.
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    The Abortion Debate and Its Polarizing Affects on the Women's Movement
    Osborn, Courtney (2009-04-29T03:58:21Z)
    This video is about the abortion debate and its negative affects on women.
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    Ms. Magazine & Ms. Foundation for Women: Vehicles for Change
    Winans, Mary (2009-04-24T14:02:54Z)