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The United States Agricultural Information Network is an organization for information professionals that provides a forum for discussion of agricultural issues, takes a leadership role in the formation of a national information policy as related to agriculture, makes recommendations to the National Agricultural Library on agricultural information matters, and promotes cooperation and communication among its members. The USAIN Conferences focus on information resources for agriculture and life sciences research and practice. The conferences are sponsored by the United States Agricultural Information Network in order to offer librarians a forum for sharing professional information. The conferences are hosted every other year. This collection contains proceedings to past conferences. For more information about past and future conferences please visit


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    Mapping Research: Creating a Spatial Interface for Bibliographic Data
    Hedrich, Anne; Rogers, Paul C. (2018-05-14)
    Lightning Talks presentation for 2018 United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN) 16th Biennial Conference at Washington State University
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    Supporting Sustainable Innovation with Information: A Case Study
    Howard, Heather A; Zwicky, David (2018-05-14)
    At Purdue University, librarians advise students participating in a soybean innovation competition. The project, sponsored by a qualified state board, focuses on developing new industrial products from soybeans to foster environmental stewardship and reduce reliance on petroleum. In order to progress through the competition, products must be shown to have environmental benefits, technical benefits, feasibility, and novelty. The early stages of the competition require students to investigate and report on the marketability and patentability of their inventions. In order to complete these reports, groups meet with a business librarian and a patent librarian. The business librarian consults with the students on how to conduct market research, and discusses concepts such as performing a market analysis and determining a target market for their products. The patent librarian consults with the students on intellectual property and the United States patent system, demonstrating basic patent searching methods and recommending patent searching tools appropriate to the students’ level of expertise. In 2016, the librarians redesigned assessment rubrics for both the market analysis and patent search reports, in order to better align project outcomes with relevant learning objectives. Feedback from students and program coordinators was positive, showing clearer understanding of research reporting requirements. Anecdotally, the winning team met with both librarians multiple times through the course of competition, ensuring they understood both business and patent research methods. This form of interdisciplinary collaboration, while specific to this competition and this university, could be a model for other institutions to consider when working with sustainability-related innovation and agricultural commercialization programs.
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    Crowd Sourcing Expertise: Learnings from a Peer to Peer Teaching Experiment
    Ramaswamy, Mohan; Garrett, Jennifer; Currie, Debbie (2018-05-14)
    A common problem shared by academic libraries is how to scale library instruction. The problem is more pronounced as libraries have to teach newer topics, e.g. data management, visualization, and programming. NCSU Libraries collaborated with the Graduate School and Postdoctoral Association on a 2017-18 pilot program to tap users’ expertise and create a hub for peers to learn from their peers.
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    What Agricultural Researchers Say about Open Access and Data Sharing
    Williams, Sarah C.; Kocher, Megan; Farrell, Shannon L.; Kerby, Erin E. (2018-05-14)
    The Ithaka S+R Agriculture Research Support Services project provided an opportunity for librarians to interview agricultural researchers about a variety of topics. We were interested in a more thorough look at two related topics that have been at the forefront of many libraries’ research support services in the sciences -- open access and data sharing. Taking advantage of the wealth of existing data generated by the Ithaka project, we reanalyzed the interview transcripts from our two participating institutions and read all of the publicly available reports from other participating institutions. Our findings revealed common themes around researchers' interest in and concerns about publishing in open access journals. There was more variety in researchers' opinions about data sharing, and its associated costs and benefits. Based on our findings, we identified roles for libraries, especially to address the impediments to open access publishing and data sharing. One particularly unique aspect of our study is an analysis of researchers' values and motivations regarding open access and data sharing compared to those of librarians. Overall, this study provides valuable disciplinary context that can inform how librarians approach agricultural researchers about open access and data sharing and suggests library roles that may help address common complaints and barriers.
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    Visualizing Contacts and Connections within Extension Using Gephi
    Mastel, Kristen (2018-05-14)
    TTIG Lightning Talks presentation for 2018 United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN) 16th Biennial Conference at Washington State University
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    A Very Small Study of a Big Problem: Information-Seeking Behavior in Students and Faculty in Agriculture
    Parker-Gibson, Necia (2018-05-14)
    Poster presentation for 2018 United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN) 16th Biennial Conference at Washington State University
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    Comparison of Agricultural Database Subject Overlap
    Ritchie, Stephanie (2018-05-15)
    Agricultural researchers and science librarians must understand which research literature databases provide the most comprehensive coverage of agricultural subjects to support research inquiries. Once the domain of a few specialized databases, agricultural research literature is now covered by broad, multidisciplinary databases. The purpose of this study was to determine the most comprehensive database(s) for agricultural literature searching in terms of the scope of agricultural subject content provided by each database. We compared eight databases that cover a sample set of agricultural research literature for a range of agricultural sub-topics to determine how much overlap exists and which database(s) best support discovery of agricultural research literature. We found that the multidisciplinary databases provided the most comprehensive coverage and that one of the agriculture specific databases matched the coverage provided by the multidisciplinary databases. This study will help researchers and librarians determine where to invest their effort and resources when looking to find agricultural research content.
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    Using a Citation Study to Gain New Insights into Agricultural and Resource Economics
    Miller, Rebecca C. (2018-05-14)
    Poster presentation for 2018 United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN) 16th Biennial Conference at Washington State University
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    Researcher Needs and the Long-term Value of County Cooperative Extension Materials in California
    Lin, Emily; Vallen, Lisa (2018-05-14)
    Poster presentation for 2018 United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN) 16th Biennial Conference at Washington State University
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