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Articles from the Reader of the Conference on Alternative State & Local Public Policies held June 13-15, 1975 in Madison, Wisconsin. The reader was edited and compiled by Derek Shearer and Lee Webb.

On this page is a table of contents ordered as the articles appeared in the reader. You can also search within this collection and browse items by title, author, year, or subject by using the interface at the bottom of this page. Click here to skip to the Table of Contents.

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Articles without permission to publish

The majority of the articles from this reader are included in this collection, but some articles are not displayed here due to copyright restrictions. These items are indicated as "not available" in the table of contents below. You may be able to retrieve the articles by using the Cornell Library catalog to look up the publication name or by directly contacting the source of its original publication. You can learn more about where and when these unavailable articles were published by using the scanned table of contents from the reader, which contains this information.

Table of Contents

Scanned introduction and complete table of contents from the reader
This contains the list of where and when the articles below were published and the names of the authors.

Economy of cities

Controlling A City's Wealth by Edward Kirshner and James Morey, WORKING PAPERS, Cambridge, Mass Spring 1973

The Bell System and Community Telephones by Thomas Brom and Edward Kirshner, Community Ownership Organizing Project, Oakland, CA., June 1974

Cable TV: Money To The People by Thomas Brom and Edward Kirshner, WORKING PAPERS, Cambridge, Mass. Spring 1974

Cooperative Cable Television Systems by Wally Roberts, mimeograph article, St. Johnsbury, VT.

Descriptions of several experimental political ordinance undertaken in Chicago since 1971, Letter written by Alderman by Dick Simpson, Chicago, Ill., May 1975

Summary of Minnesota House Bill 541 on Protection of Collective Bargaining Contracts In the Event of Changes in Company Ownership

Programs and Policies Initiated at Middlesex County House of Correction and Jail by Sheriff John J. Buckley, Middlesex County, Mass., April 15, 1970

Organizing Money by Robert Creamer, mimiograph article: Chicago, Ill.

Summary of New York Assembly Bill 4415 To Provide Free Public Transportation

Summary of Colorado Bill Regulating Bank Holding Companies


Who'll Control Sun Power? The Solar Derby by Peter Barnes, THE NEW REPUBLIC, Washington D.C., February 1, 1975 - Not available online here.

Buying Power -- Community Owned Electric Systems by Thomas Brom and Edward Kirshner, WORKING PAPERS, Cambridge, Mass., Summer 1974

Public Energy: Notes Toward A New System by James Ridgeway and Bettina Conner, WORKING PAPERS, Cambridge, Mass., Winter 1975

New Energy, Institute for Policy Studies, Washington D.C., January 1975

Public Power: The Rand Study by James Rowen, THE NATION, New York, N.Y., March 29, 1975

Summary of 12 Model Bills by the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group, Boston, Mass., Spring 1975

Summary of Colorado Assembly Bill Draft 2463 on Experimentation and Standards for Solar Heating Facilities

Vermont's New Nuclear Moratorium Law, Vermont Public Interest Research Group, Montpelier, VT.

Questions and Answers About LIFELINE by Movement For Economic Justice, Washington D.C.

Energy Stamps--Wrong Way To Go by Bert De Leeuw, JUST ECONOMICS, Movement for Economic Justice, Washington D.C., May 1975


Alternative Tax Strategies for Vermont State and Town Government by Lee Webb, Vermont Papers Group, March 18, 1975

Tax Justice Act of 1975, National Committee for Tax Justice, Washington D.C.

Economic development and public finance

Juicing Up Competition: Beyond Antitrust by Peter Barnes and Derek Shearer, THE NEW REPUBLIC, Washington D.C., 'July 6 & 13, 1974 - Not available online here.

Broad Outline of a Proposal For A National Cooperative Bank, The Cooperative League of the USA, Washington D.C., February 1975

The Only Bank Of Its Kind by Philip Matthews, New York Times, April 13, 1975 - Not available online here.

Democrats Decide to Push For State-Operated Bank by Maurice Carroll, New York Times, April 5, 1975 - Not available online here.

Colorado's New Treasurer Looks At Banking System by Sam Brown, newspaper article, source unknown

Public Enterprise At The State Level by Len Goldberg, mimeograph article, San Francisco, CA.

Summary of Michigan Bill Draft on Management of Privately Owned Public Utilities

Summary of California Assembly Bill 632 on Public Enterprise Development of Energy Resources


Women and State Government by Marilyn Power Goldberg, mimeograph article, Berkeley, CA.

Summary of New York Assembly Bill 3331 on Tax Deductibility of Child Care Expenses

Summary of New York Assembly Bill 4410 On Prison Inmate Self-Governance

Jobs Today - Jobs Tomorrow, The Citizens' Committee On The Maine Economy, Augusta, Maine

Summary of Michigan Bill Draft 502 On Organization and Collective Bargaining Involving Farmworkers

Bringing Back The WPA by Peter Barnes, THE NEW REPUBLIC, Washington D.C., March 15, 1975 - Not available online here.

Land and housing

The Potential Of Cooperative Housing by Edward Kirshner and Eve Bach, Regional Housing Newsletter, Association of Bay Area Govermnents, San Francisco, CA., Spring 1974

Summary of Michigan House Bill 4960 On Landlord-Tenant Relations and Tenant Organizing

Summary of California Assembly Bill 15 On Preservation of Prime Agricultural Lands

Keeping The Options Open by the British Columbia Land Commission, Bumaby, B.C., March 1975

Housing For People by the British Columbia Department of Housing, Victoria, B.C., 1975


Summary of Iowa House Bill, File 591 On Health Care Centers

A Bill To Establish a Vermont Comprehensive Dental Care Program by Lee Webb, Plainfield, VT., July 11; 1972

Long range policy

The North Moves Left: Politics in British Columbia by Derek Shearer, WORKING PAPERS, Cambridge, Mass., Spring 1974

Elites and Alternatives -- Absentee Owners of America by Peter Barnes, THE NEW REPUBLIC, Washington D.C., March 31, 1973 - Not available online here.


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