Dongoski, Craig

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The 20th Century painter Francis Bacon is continuously cited for his remark, "Painting is the projection on canvas of one's own nervous system". My project Drawing Voices attempts to expose the nervous system through audio, video and metatechnologies. I am utilizing technology as a means to stimulate the act of drawing and inscription. I am also using technology to analyze, archive and manipulate the recorded material into a quasi-language and a form of speaking.


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    2006 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Supplementary Material
    Dongoski, Craig (2009-05-13T21:06:15Z)
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    2006 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Dongoski, Craig (2009-05-04T18:28:34Z)
    Drawing Voices provides an exploratory site as an approach to drawing and art making by using technology as a means to develop new models to produce art by. I begin with the attitude that drawing is a biological function of human beings, and the most rudimentary form of visual expression. The audio recording represents a shadow realm of mark-making. It reveals a previously unconsidered aspect of the drawing activity, and demonstrates that an individual's drawing voice is as unique as its visual counterpart.
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    2003 Rockefeller New Media Proposal
    Dongoski, Craig (2007-12-18T21:48:11Z)
    Three years ago I began recording the sounds of colleagues and fellow artists as a possible way to continue the investigation into the true nature of the act of drawing. This project has evolved into what I am now calling Drawing Voices. My project is made possible by micro recording equipment and processing technology. In addition to my own drawing recordings, I am collaborating with another artist and a writer once a week drawing, writing and recording short wave at cemeteries in Atlanta. I am curious about the relationship and extensive history that drawing, technology and conjuring have had. I am exploring the gray area between writing and inscription as a means of discovering 'spirit' voices under the influence of sound and shadow.