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George Legrady's work of the past twenty years reveals an engagement with a series of complex cultural questions concerned with the intricacies of information processing as mediated through camera vision and computer technologies. His studies in fine arts photography, Art Theory and Visual Anthropology set the direction for his digital based interactive projections in installations that address narrative, memory, information systems, the archive, algorithmic data processing, and audience participation through the motion tracking of their presence and movement. Legrady's visually based digital media artworks began in the mid 1980's through the scripting of image processing algorithmic based software as artistic actions transforming photographic digitized images. His interactive cd-rom catalog "George Legrady: From Analogue to Digital" published in 1998 for the occasion of a two museum retrospective traces methodologies and approaches in his earlier analog practice that are critical components of his current work in interactive media today.


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    Projects : 1973-2003
    Legrady, George (2006-11-20T21:15:16Z)
    Legrady project documentation-- 1973-2003
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    Sensing Speaking Space: Artist Documentation
    Legrady, George (2006-11-20T20:53:11Z)
    "Sensing Speaklng Space" is an interactive installation that explores the interplay between states of order, noise, randomness, multiple layerings and subtle changes that build up over time and in response to the spectators' movements sensed through a custom camera tracking system.
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    "Pocket Full of Memories" -- Artist Documentation
    Legrady, George (2006-11-20T20:47:21Z)
    Conceived as an installation on the topic of the archive and memory, "Pockets full of Memories" was exhibited on the main floor of the Centre Pompidou from April 10 to September 3, 2001. During this time, 20000 visitors came to view the installation and contributed over 6000 objects in their possession, digitally scanning and describing them. This information was stored in a database and organized by an algorithm that positioned objects of similar value near each other in a two-dimensional map. The map of objects was projected in the gallery space and also accessible online at where individuals in the gallery and at home could review the objects and add comments and stories to any of the them.
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    Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Legrady, George (2006-11-20T20:34:14Z)
    "Sensing Data in Metaphorical Space" is the marriage of "Pockets Full of Memories" (PFOM) with "Sensing Speaking Space" (SeSpsp). The concept is to create an artwork that deals with archive construction and intervention through technological means of data collection followed by interaction using the motion sensing vision technologies of the (SeSpsp) project, a real-time feedback environment where visualization and sound are generated by the presence and movement of spectators within a public space. This interaction is implemented to a large number of digitized data objects as exemplified by the" (PFOM) installation where an archive of over 3300 objects had been created at the Pompidou Center during the summer of 2000. (see projects in portfolio or further information at