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    China Oyster Reef Restoration Project Research -- Sanmen County Oyster Reef Restoration Project
    Liu, Siyi (2023)
    As large-scale industrial activities continue to adversely impact oceanic and coastal habitats, particularly oyster reefs, stand out as one of the most severely degraded environments globally. The paper discusses the significant decline in oyster populations worldwide due to various factors and emphasizes the importance of restoration efforts. The focus shifts to a case study involving The Nature Conservancy's (TNC) collaboration in oyster reef restoration in China. The Sanmen Oyster Reef Restoration Research Pilot Project serves as a landmark initiative aiming to explore tailored restoration methods. Key findings reveal seasonal variations in oyster densities, with insights into tidal areas and their impact on oyster larvae recruitment. The paper stresses the importance of considering local environmental conditions and engaging with the community for successful oyster reef restoration. Ecological monitoring and impact assessments are recommended, especially considering the proliferation of exotic oyster species and potential disturbances post-restoration. The study concludes with a call for proactive management strategies, legal safeguards against illegal activities, and increased public awareness about the ecological significance of oyster reefs.
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    A Potential Liquid Supplement to Promote Cardiovascular Health
    Hashmall, Joseph (2021-05)
    L-citrulline is an amino acid which has been investigated for having potential human health benefits. It is of particular interest for its impacts on smooth muscle, skeletal muscle, and the cardiovascular systems. This project is the production of a liquid supplement that incorporates a L-citrulline formula in a way that will be suitable for consumers. Trial formulations were performed in food labs at Cornell University. The purpose was to make a fluid that has permissible hedonic properties and is well suited to abide by FDA regulation of dietary supplements. Hundreds of combinations were tried and tested for pH, temperature manipulation, and stability. The resulting product is one that mimics the flavor profile of lemonade, possesses the bioavailability of amino acids found in watermelon, and L-citrulline levels that are enhanced in comparison to anything found in nature.
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    Estimating Aboveground Biomass Using Remote Sensing Data and Google Earth Engine
    Wang, Hanyang (2021-12)
    Grassland is an essential component of terrestrial ecosystems. Biomass is a key indicator of ecosystem quality. It is of great significance to estimate the grass biomass yield effectively and accurately for the grassland management and utilization of grass resources and other related research. In order to pursue efficient and rapid estimation of the above-ground biomass of grassland, this study aims to find the relationship between satellite imagery data and ground survey biomass data through machine learning and Google Earth Engine (GEE) platform; and estimate the aboveground biomass using random forest (RF) regression algorithm and remote sensing data. In this study, a 16-acre research site was used as the research area. After evaluating the RF model performance, the R^2 of this model is about 0.75. The prediction of grass biomass yield in 2021 was presented. Finally, the advantages and disadvantages of the model and improvement methods are discussed.